A Moment in My Classroom: Let’s Create

This seems to happen each year…this type of moment in my classroom.  Fresh off the ICE conference and well into a routine with my students.  I suddenly feel inspired to start changing things.  This year was the same as last.  The change meant it was time for my students to start blogging. Student blogging is […]

A Moment In My Classroom: It’s Magic!

He had been working on a project for weeks in my classroom.  It was time to get back into our usual Social Studies routine.  I knew that the shift and transition back to this routine would take a couple of days for my student to re-adjust to the expectations of participating in class, listening to […]

Me and My Ship…A Lesson Learned

Me and My Ship, Lessons Learned, Carrie Baughcum, Hand Drawn

I have shared with you about this school year. I have shared that when this school year started I quickly realized it was collectively a classroom of the most challenging students I have ever taught, but I haven’t shared with you this part of that journey yet…this lesson learned.

MY STORY…Why I Became A Teacher

National Teacher Appreciation week has filled my blog stream with all kinds of stories about teachers!  Some stories have been about why they became teachers, others have been about what they learned from the teachers they had and some have been thanked the educators that have inspired them.  Reading them made me smile.  We don’t […]

A Moment In My Class #1: Today It Rained

Every Friday in my Math class is a Snow Day. Every Friday it snows when white pieces of paper are throw randomly on the floor around the room. Students pick up one piece of paper from the floor and I write a math problem on the board (usually a problem from a concept we worked […]

The Lesson That Was The Problem

Skill building, structured, routine and direct instruction are the foundation of the instruction I provide.  My students flourish in structure, in the routine and the predictable. They excel because of the strong focus on student skills and consistent presence of tools to enable them to compensate for their weaknesses.  I spend everyday establishing routines, making […]

More Powerful Than You Think

I first “met” Luis Perez while watching him on a Google Hangout session. He was sharing information about the iPad’s accessibility and switch features. I was in awwww….I was inspired…I wanted to know and learn more.  I started by learning more about him.  I quickly learned that not only was he an accessibility guru, he […]