A Letter to My Girls

To My Girls…


Life is an adventure. 
Many of your adventures will be well planned.   You’ll set goals, have clear directions, know what you want and what to expect.  Reaching your destination will bring you great pride and a wonderful sense of accomplishment.   

Other adventures will be unwanted.  They will be adventures you cannot plan for.  These may cause you pain, heartbreak, sadness and even delay your trip or stop you in your path.

Some of your adventures will be impulsive.  You will take them without thinking or thought.  You destination unknown. They will be unplanned, mysterious and exciting.  

Many of your adventures will be unexpected.  They will be an unplanned moment in your life.  They will not be forced or planned.  They will come to you when you are not expecting them.  They will surprise you, enrich your life and fill your heart in unknown places.    

Never be afraid of life’s adventures.

Your strength will drive you towards your destination and get you there when you think you can’t.  Your imagination will take you places others couldn’t see existed and find your way when others are stuck.  Your love of life will allow you to embrace any road you come to and enable you to jump right in to it.  Your attention to detail will help you connect with others, enrich your relationships and help you show others you care about them.   Your helpfulness will allow you connect with others, while your stubbornness will get you through roadblocks others would have given up on.   Your  love of language and easy understanding of words will soar you to places and amazing opportunities.   Your love for your family will ensure that we will always be there to celebrate your good times or hold you when things get rough. 

The adventures you planned may not always go exactly the way you want them to. The unwanted adventures will always teach you something unexpected and remind you of your strength.  The impulsive adventures might be the scariest ones but they will also be rewarding and the most fun.  And the unexpected adventures will change your life forever. 

This is your unwritten, wonderful, incredible life.  

Grab on tight and jump right in…because the adventure is all yours!

 Pictures were taken from  Kindred Adventures on Pinterest.  
 Their original source: moredesignplease.com and speeding-cars-x.xanga.com
This Just.Be.Enough Post was inspired by the 
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This weeks theme: A Letter to My Child*
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