Bad Word, Bad Word, Bad Word

My daughters and I had just finished a shopping trip to Target.  Items were bought and not too much money was spent.  Sooo hard to walk out of there without a super cute had to have it it was on sale shirt, jewelery and shoes… aka $50-75 later.  The girls each bought something from the fabulous dollar section with their allowance and I had a new pair of earrings.  Coats we zipped, mittens and hats on… we were ready to brave the freeze and head out to our car.

“Hands please,” safety first ya know.

A quick walk across one lane of the parking lot and we were at our car.


“Girls lets be quick getting in it’s cold out here,” I urge them… cause seriously it was brrrrr.


Ever the safe driver I check my review mirror to check for cars.  I see a car waiting for our spot.  As I finally…. squeeze out of the spot I can not control my frustration….anger… how pissed I was at that other driver.



I grumble loudly to prevent myself from a spew of profanity that would forever be repeated in front of family and shared by my girls with giggle and pleasure at the embarrassment it would cause me.  Not to mention the chance they would repeat my rant say…. at school.


“Bad word, bad word, bad word,” I growl to keep the swear words running through my head from coming out of my mouth!

I was pissed!

“Mommy, why are you saying bad word?  What bad word?” Olivia asks.

“Mommy is say that instead of a real bad word.  She is really mad at that other driver,” I answer trying not to answer.

“What’s the bad word Mommy?” Olivia asks sweetly with a sneaky smile.

“Nice try Olivia, but I am not going to tell you.  It is a bad word.  Mommy shouldn’t say but I am sooooo mad at that other car driver!” I reply making eye contact with her in the rear view mirror.

Yes, at this point I am having serious issues letting it go, but dude the person really made me mad!  Also, a huge pet peeve of mine!!

“Mommy what bad word?” Olivia inquires again

“I’m not telling you.”

“Bad word like darn…. heck…. oh man?!”

“Worse then those Olivia.  Mommy can’t tell you they are bad words,” I grumble in anger and embarrassment.  “Mommy shouldn’t have even said anything out loud.”

“Darn, shoot…..” she continues to list.

“No Olivia!  None of those!!” I firmly growled.

“Baby butt!!!” she exclaimed.

“Olivia, I am not… Baby Butt??  Yes, Olivia!  Baby butt!  That’s the word! ” I sarcastically say smiling at her in the rear view mirror. “Baby butt!  That is exactly the bad word mommy wanted to say!”

…and we all roar in laughter!!!!

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16 Replies to “Bad Word, Bad Word, Bad Word”

  1. *snort*

    Brian and I have the mouths of sailors. I worry about that, if and when we ever have kids. We don’t just use bad words, we get rather creative and colorful with them. Hmm, did I Just come up with a blog post idea? Sugar foot! 🙂
    Abby recently posted..I Haz Lasers.My Profile

    1. OH Abby I have the mouth of a sailor too! I quickly learned to filter with my daughters. Sometimes nothing accentuates a moment like a well placed swear word! Since I have been on twitter (I wont swear on their for fear of creating the wrong picture of me…you know the sweet, pure, fluttering eyes innocent You believing any of this…) and have found it quite fun and incredibly amusing (yes I amuse myself) to make up swear words!!!!

  2. I blasted a swear word once when a driver almost pushes us off the highway.
    My daughter asked me what I said and I told her “the BUCK stops here!”
    Leighann recently posted..Losing EmpathyMy Profile

    1. OOOHHHHHHH Leighann I can TOTALLY relate to that and have had a couple of those moments too. Good thing we still have out quick thinking skills!

  3. I don’t curse, but the wife does. When I watch sports and get angry or excited I will say “ah, all of the bad words!”

    without hesitation one of my three daughters will mutter, “just say ’em, mom did earlier in traffic”.

    Lance recently posted..Jane SaysMy Profile

    1. LAAANNNNCCCCEEEEEEE!!! I was absolutely giddy when I saw that you had visited. Then I read your comment and had to hold my nose for fear of snorting out loud in public. Kids say the most priceless things! They also never fail to remind us of our mistakes! I generally have the mouth of a truck driver but have learned to filter quite well in front of my girls. It took all my will power not to let profanity fly that day!

  4. What bad word? What bad word? I remember my daughter doing this to me when she was little. The second she caught a hint of my trying to keep something back, she would push and push until she found out what it was.
    Tracie recently posted..Shades Of Grey SpoonMy Profile

    1. NO WAY!!!!! That is too funny! That is AWESOME! What memories it must have brought back. Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting!!! Also… spelling errors are welcomed her, you have no idea what a terrible speller I am!!!

    1. Oh I have a worse mouth then my hubs but when someone slips it is him. My daughters have yet to catch him but I am quick to scold him and that may come back to bit me! LOL it is funny what our spouses start and what we do not make our battles. Thank you so very much for stopping by and visiting this space. Isn’t Sharefest just a wonderful place!?

    1. Thank you so much fro visiting from Sharefest (what a fantastic place huh?!) Yeah baby butt is a go to for me from now on too. If anything it will make me laugh when I say it! Who knows maybe it could become the new shut the front door! Thank you for your kind words. My weekend was fantastic and I am just so happy to have had you visiting here in my space!

    1. Oh Melanie I was filtering big time on this one. Away from my daughters I have quite a mouth! I have yet to slip, but I know the moment I do my daughter will very happily remind me and use it frequently! The do love telling us how it should be huh?!

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