What Connected Educators Could Learn from Bloggers

October is connected educators month. Everyday I see a post, a tweet sharing a passionate moment about being a connected educator and stories showing the awesomeness of being a connected educator. Each post, tweet and story fills me up and makes me feel happiness for my peers and their new found connectedness.  Even with all these positive and inspired feelings I am still left with a nagging feeling that many educators are missing the most important piece of being a connected educator.  They are missing the other part of CONNECT in being a connected educators.  I think it is a lesson they could learn from bloggers (non-teacher bloggers).

Three years ago I created my first twitter account.  A month later I had my first blog. I blogged and tweeted about being a woman, a friend, being a wife and all the ups and downs of motherhood. I blogged anonymously worried that if I dare share or show that I was an educator this kind of sharing would be severely looked down upon.  Through it all, I learned the lingo, tuned my writing skills and I found passion and was awaken like I had never been before.  I wrote and shared and created and wrote some more. I shared and healed parts of me that had deeply hurt for a very long time.  I wrote more and shared more and woke a creative side of me I had forgotten existed.  I wrote and shared and I suddenly found my voice. Most of all I found a fulfillment and a connection to others I had never known before. These experiences were (and still are) life changing.

Six months ago I hit the publish key on my first post as Carrie Baughcum Special Education teacher. I came out from behind my anonymity and shared about my classroom, my lessons, my journey as an educator. I was terrified, but excited. Sharing and reflecting about my classroom experiences filled me like never before. I shared and wrote more and more.  I shared and wrote and shared and wrote some more.  It felt wonderful to share this part of me. I felt invigorated and fulfilled, but I was also left with a deep yearning.  I yearned to connect the same way with educators as I had with the amazing bloggers I had met on my journey.

So, after three years of blogging and six months also blogging as an educator I have come to realize this…educators do not blog or used social media like bloggers. I think there are many things that connected educators could learn from bloggers.

Here is what I think educators can learn from bloggers….

Bloggers– Come to blogs to read, to absorb, to learn about the author.  They soak up each others words.  More then that they reflect and really connect with the posts they read.  In return for a blogger sharing their words an other blogger will share back their own reflections, insight and feelings. It is important to them to really connect with the stories and also to make sure the author know what they thought.

Sample Blogger Comments:

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 7.07.14 AM
Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 7.07.54 AM
Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 7.05.43 AM

Educators– Visit blogs for information. They read the posts.  They gather and bookmark and gather and collect their information.  They come to read blogs and take in their words and stories but they leave as if they were never there.

Bloggers– Read social media streams looking for others to connect with. They are happy to reply to a tweet or Google+ post based on the information that caught their interest. Who wrote it is often unimportant.

Educators– Read and gather information.

Bloggers–  Reply to tweets to them.  They offer more information, ask questions to engage with each other and connect with each other through the words they share.

Sample Blogger Twitter Stream:

Screen Shot 2013-10-10 at 7.53.04 AM

Educators– May politely reply a thank you but often do not offer an inquiry or work to get to know the other person any further.

Bloggers– They share. They take what they have read, what they have learned, what they felt, how they were moved and even what they didn’t like.  They share their words and the words of others with others.  Bloggers know that by sharing others work, words and inspirations that their words will be meaningful to others person and have an impact.  It will connect them with other.

Educators– Read and gather.  They may re-share information to others, but often do not add any personal thoughts, opinions or insights.

I think that educators have made their presence known in social media…It is quite amazing!  They have written and shared and offered their words for others to read.  They have read and gathered and learned new things from people from all over the world.  They have discovered the power of words and social media to bring ideas to each other.  I think it is time for educators to take the next step.  It is time for them to stop just gathering and collecting.  It is time for educators to share, offer words, shout out each others awesomeness.  Our voices are powerful and crazy awesome. The the small gifts we give with our words connects us deeper and builds those relationships.  It is time we go from connecting to information and really connecting with each other.  We won’t be disappointed!

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2 Replies to “What Connected Educators Could Learn from Bloggers”

  1. I think that it’s great to hear from educators! There are questions that I have, concerns, and so on that as a mom I’d love answers for and sometimes I think that the answers I get from my kids schools are a bit biased.
    Hearing from the community of educators is priceless in my opinion.
    Also, I nominated you for an award on my blog today! 🙂

    1. It is always so wonderful to see that you have visited here Jackie. I am also giddy that you read this post. There are more and more educator is out there sharing their voices but oh my is it sooooo not the world I am used to from blogging with the woman we know. The connection is just not the same….yet! I don’t know how many answers I have yet. I am hoping to share more and more tips for teachers that parents can also use at home. I hope that parents will find them interesting, educating and be able to use them at home with their kids. For now I am also just hoping to get educators to connect a bit differently with each other…just like we do! ME!!??? Nominated for something…see ya soon I am off to see what it is all about!!!

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