Does She Know?

The girls splashed and played in the spray of the waterspouts springing up around them.  Their giggles filled the air as streams of water surprised them from the ground.  As I watched them play.  The fun and joy they experiencing made me smile.  “This was a good idea,” I thought.

A little boy in a white with blue and green Hawaiian flower decorated board shorts caught my eye.   He stood in the center of the spray park mesmorized by the spray of the yellow fountains spout.  “That’s cute,” I thought.  Minutes passed and he caught my eye again.  Still standing in the same spot.  Still staring.  A nagging voice in my head whispers, “That’s and awfully long time to watch a fountain.”  I scan the park wondering who his mom was, simply wanting to connect parent with child.  My girls run to me still giggling in happiness and looking for snacks to reenergize them.

Time passes and the same crew cut little boy continues to grab my attention.  He moves from standing and watching to playing in and interacting with the water.  He giggles in excitement as the water splashes him.  The touch of the cool water causes him to sqweel at the sky and express his happiness shaking his hands, jumping and smiling to himself. My mind pauses and I have to snap myself out of a long stare.

“What is it about this little boy?” I ask myself.

“He has Autism,” the nagging voice whispers.

I scan the spray park for the mom again.  I find her.  Beautiful in her black bathing suit and brunette hair pulled back into the perfect ponytail.

“Does she know?”

“Am I right?”

“Does she know?”

A lump grows in my throat.

“Does she know?”

Does she know she is not alone? Does she know there are supportive, caring, wonderful supports and groups out there to embrace her and let her know she is not alone?

As my mind races an other thought pops in my head…

Shit! Sunday Stilwell needs a business card!

I can not remember the first time I “met”  Sunday.  When I think back to the first moment, the very first moment, it isn’t a moment I can recall.  It is an emotion.  Sunday is this amazing force.  She is a woman full of sass, humor, passion and an effortless ability to pull you into her community,  fuel your with a desire to be a part of it and make you want to give back.  Sunday makes me want to be a part of something, use my knowledge and skills to reach out and empower others.

While the warmth of the memories I have of Sunday make me smile, tears begin to stream down my cheeks.  I can not help but wonder.  Do you know the extent of your impact? Do you know the effect of your embrace? Others know they are no longer alone.  Others know they have a place to share without fear of judgement or shame.  Do you know you inspire us?  You inspire us to reach out and help others.  To be there, hold each other up and get through the tough together.  Do you know you make us laugh?  Life is serious enough.  Having a disability is serious enough, but beyond the disability are gifts that enrich our lives, teach us things and amaze us with their awe.  Did you know you have shown us how to unwrap it all?  Wrapped up in all of this is the fun life gives us!

Thank  you Sunday!

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8 Replies to “Does She Know?”

    1. I am happy that this meant so much to you! I hoped that it would do you justice. You are welcomed for the support, but it also goes both ways! xoxox

  1. Yes! I can not agree more. That Sunday is a super peachy lady. What a great tribute to her. Also, I have so been that mom on the playground wondering, does she know? More times than I can count.

    1. Lisa, I wasn’t sure anyone else would get this or if I was completely off thinking it. I felt it so strongly. I am happy to know that I am not alone! Thank you for your kind words. I just adore Sunday for what she does, her presence and the woman she is. Thank you for stopping by!

    1. Awww Abby… you always make me smile when I see a comment from you! I hope they were happy tears. I know I had plenty writing this piece. Thank you for stopping by, making my day and leaving your such kind words!!

    1. YOU FOUND ME!!!! YEAHHHH!!!! No need to feel bad at all. Nothing really confusing about having a blog (Kindred Adventures), starting a new one… announcing it… scrapping it and then starting another new one!!! I’m sorry I lost you there for a while. I have had it up and running for about two weeks. I am so happy with it! I just love it! You are anything but a bad friend. I have been reading all your posts and not making it over to you to leave a comment. Thank you thank you thank you again for stopping by and visiting! Always makes me smile! 🙂

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