EdReach Guest: EdCeptional Channel

I am giddy with excitement and filled to my finger tips with energy.  I just had the best time talking technology, special education and learning with two fantastically passionate, enthusiastic and advocates of special education and the tools, skills and strategies that make us and our students exceptional.

Tonight I was lucky enough to join Patrick Black and Tricia Lazzaro of the Edreach EdCeptional Channel.  I got to hang out with them for a half hour 45 mins (minus having to put my girls to bed…mom stuff never ends) talking ideas, technology, and learning.  This time with them invigorated me and refreshed the passion I feel everyday for my job and the learning I get to facilitate.

Here is the segment we taped for Edreach’s EdCeptional #51…

Ideas shared during the segment:

My Tech Ninja’s

Google Calendar as an Assignment Notebook 



I talk A LOT!!

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