Francine Cooks: I See 12345 Animals In The Zoo

Francine Cooks...a swirl of those, a dash of this and a sprinkle of that.  You never know what she'll whip up!


I see 1 giraffe in the zoo.

AB Giraffee

I see 2 monkeys in the zoo.


I see 3 elephants  in the zoo.


I see 4 bunnies in the zoo.


I see 5 bears in the zoo.


The end.


Mommy Disclaimer….All the words and the ideas are completely Francine’s.  I only helped with the typing, formatting,  spelling and with Photoshopping the pictures.  By writing her stories Francine hopes that other “kids” will learn to cook up ideas just like her!

Francine a chef just like me!


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