Francine Cooks: The Parlor

FrancineCooksPOSTTitleOnce upon a time there were two little girls. One was a little sister and one was a big sister.

“Who’s up for ice cream?” The little sister shouted.

And the big sister said, ” OOO OOO! Lets go to the ice cream parlor.”

They were all going to the ice cream parlor.

“Lets go in and have some ice cream,” the big sister said.

“OOO OOO I want strawberry ice cream said the little sister!” Said the little sister

The big sister said,” I want chocolate ice cream.”

The little sister shouted, ” Lets sit down and eat our ice cream!”

They were having fun eating their ice cream. The little sister thought, why don’t we go to the park. So the big sister said,” Why not little sis.”

They walked to the park. When they got there they had fun and played. When it was dinner time they went home to eat and they said,” why don’t we go to the ice cream parlor again tomorrow!” The little sister said,” yeeppie yeeppie!” The little sister thought it was a great idea.

So they went back to the ice parlor the next day. They got four ice creams. There was one for the little sisters mom and one for the little sisters dad. the little sister and the big sister had their own ice cream to eat too. The whole enjoyed the ice cream!

The End

Mommy Disclaimer….All the words and the ideas are completely Francine’s. I only helped with the typing, formatting, spelling and with Photoshopping the pictures. By writing her stories Francine hopes that other “kids” will learn to cook up ideas just like her!

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