Genius, Giggles and Jets

An hour and a half drive. Four hours swimming. Carrying a double ride figure-eight tube up a three-story wooden stair case more times then I can count. Trips down the slides. Rides on the lazy river.  Exhausted after a fantastic day, we were finally settled back in the hotel room.

Screeches filled the two-story loft style hotel room we were staying in (beyond a treat for us) as the four girls whirl around discovering each part of it.  Walking into the main floor bathroom I discovered the two person, a small child could swim in, jacuzzi whirlpool tub in the bathroom.

“Let’s fill it up. The girls can play in it while we wait for the pizza to get here.” Holly geniusly suggests.

With a deep relieved sigh of a mother with no more energy left, “Yes! That is a great idea.”

I didn’t waste second yelling, “GGGIIIIRRRLS come and see this tub! What until you see what it does!”

Giggles and laughter fill the hotel room as all four girls, ages 4-6 see the tub.  Their giddiness and happy giggles turn to screeches as they get in the tub together eager to continue their adventures and fun filled day.

Holly and my friendship started when we started teaching the same year, we were fresh, green, nieeve, brand spankin new teachers. Over the twelve years we shared a classroom (probably close to the most fun, collaborative, creative and one of the most rewarding times in my career). We collaborated, worked together on projects, shared duties, knew all of the kids on each others case loads, grew together as teachers and taught each other tricks and tools we still use today. She got married. I went to her wedding. We had babies six months apart…Twice.  We both had two girls. We hung out. We spent time together. We developed a great friendship. Over the twelve plus years we created the kind of friendship that you can go months without seeing each other and then the instant you see each other it is like no time has ever passed.  The kind of friendship that when our schedules finally allow us to find free time for each other, I talk her ear off and smile until my cheeks hurt and the time was never enough.

As screeches and loud giggles bounce around the bathroom walls. Holly and I waste no time catching up. We shared stories about our husband. We commiserated and reminded each other we are not the only one whose husband does this or that. We shared our fears about our daughters up coming school year. We catch up on gossip about work.

“Mommmmmyyyyyy!!!!! I think the tub is full enough now!” one of the girls shouts.

Holly and I walk into the bathroom to turn on the whirlpool jets.  Excitement ozzes out of our girls as they anticipate the excitement of this brand new experienced. With one firm push of a button the jets come to life.  Ear piercing giddy screams fill the room as the girls are surprised by the force of the jets and this newly discovered fun.  Smiling, Holly and I go back to the kitchen  to continue our chatting assured that the girls will be entertained for quite sometime.

“That was such a good idea putting them in the tub.” I say to Holly. “This will for sure keep them busy until the pizza gets here. I’m sure after all that swimming my girls are ravenous. This will keep their mind off of being hungry ”

“They are having so much fun,” she smiles.

Minutes pass…a half hour passes…  soon we begin to hear louder happier, giddier,  gigglier fun coming from the bathroom.

“I better go check on them,” Holly says raising her eyebrows, knowing that it is her turn to check.

As I pour more chips into the bowl we are snacking on I suddenly hear Holly say from the bathroom..

my attention to the perfect after swimming, before deep dish pizza, during mom and girl talk snack is suddenly interrupted as I laugh out loud, and fall over (seriously… I was on the floor) roaring in laughter and slapping the floor as tears stream down my eyes.  And as Holly walks out of the bathroom her I can’t believe I just said that out loud, no one ever told me that combination of words would ever leave my lips, did I just use vagina and jets in the same sentence straight face instantly erupted into uncontrollable laughter!



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  1. Oh, the things I never thought I would say that have come out of my mouth since having kids…

    “Let go of your brother’s penis.”
    “Mommy can’t poop while you’re sitting in my lap.”
    “If you eat that and die, I’m going to have to call poison control.”

    Gotta love it…
    IASoupMama recently posted..One HeadlightMy Profile

    1. Kristin thank you so much for stopping by and I am so sorry I took me this long to reply. Those slides were AWESOME!!!! Yeah jets are no good for vaginas! There is something amazing about sharing a classroom with a person. I will never forget it. You are right. It is a bond-maker!

    1. Kim…. I’ve missed you. I still miss you and I am so sorry it took me this long to reply. Life… how dare it get in the way! I have to admit I really hoped for a coffee nose snort. I hoped this post was that funny, but I wasn’t sure. But…hehehehe I got one! Ohhhh I can’t wait to see what I say when they get older. It is pretty interesting already! I’m so happy you liked this! xoxo

    1. Thank you so much for visiting and I am so sorry it took me so long to reply. Yes, the mommies had an equally fun time. She is a fantastic friend that gets better with age!

    1. Thank you so much for visiting and I am so sorry it has taken me a bit to reply. I am so happy you liked it! It was definitely the top funny moment for me in a very long time. And I was seriously on my knees banging on the wall crying while I laughed!

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