I am. I can. I will.

It is MONDAY and time for MY Story…
I am writing, posting and linking up to share my voice.  
As a contributor at JustBeEnough.com I am doing 
my part to carry the weight of confidence, empowerment and 
sharing the mission of empower, inspire and 
remind women, parents and children that 
the time has come to celebrate ourselves… myself! 

It was all Shirley’s idea really… this blogging stuff.  I only wanted to try out Twitter. And what are best friends for if you can ask them (sucker them into) trying something new with you. 

Elena from www.ciaomom.com sent out a challenge: 
“Fast forward to today. Today is all about celebrating who we are and what we like about ourselves. It is about sending a message to ourselves, to society, and even to our children, that finding the positives in yourself is an important and essential endeavor.  Maybe just maybe, thinking about what we like instead of what we would want to change, will increase our self confidence. Maybe it will help us see things that we have not noticed before. And
maybe it will send the message that we are ENOUGH just the way we are.” 
I was instantly hooked.  I wasted no time skyping Shirley and told her Elena’s idea.  The post was written. Elena’s new movement was just beginning.  I was certain I wanted to be part of it. 
One month after joining Twitter with Shirley it happened.  

Shirley excitedly exclaimed, 

“We should start a blog!”

We had a blast as hours of our day were instantly sucked away as we worked on and made our blog our own.  
As I wrote my Just.Be.Enough Kids piece for last Thursdays post, my writing seemed to come together. My words really felt like they were flowing.  And with the help of an editor (I have an editor… I have an EDITOR now! Can you believe that!)   The last minute tweaks made it a post that I was truly proud of (thank you Robin www.justbeenough.com editor also at www.farewellstranger.com). 
I read blogs, commented, and absorb which pieces I liked and didn’t like.   I started to follow writer’s blog.  I read their  tips and started trying to apply them.  A smile would come over my face as I clicked the publish button, happy with another story of a Kindred Adventure. 
Last week’s comments on my post: I am. I can. I will  were some of the most moving and meaningful I had received on the post so far.   It was also a new experience to have so many people read and comment on my post.  It was at that moment I decided to believe I AM a WRITER.  I have found my writing style… I have a writing style!  I love writing!   
Lavern’e Journal

Sitting at the table with my journal and pen my energy rises as my ideas become words on paper.  It all started with,  “We should start a blog” and a simple request for Elena

I am a Writer.  I can be a Writer.  
I will forever believe this!



Every MONDAY join us… 
Write, Post, Link-Up, share your story and your voice.  
Be part of carrying the weight of confidence, empowerment and share our mission to empower, inspire, and remind 
 women, parents and children
that the time has come to celebrate ourselves! 

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which would provide TEN Bellflower memory books.

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