Inspired Illustration Week#1

Everyday my daughters create something.  They draw, they paint, they glue, they color.  Their imaginations over flow with inspiration.  They write lists, they author stories, they draw pictures of their day, they illustrate princesses and superheros.  As they have grown I have worked hard to encourage their infinite inspiration and boundless imagination.  It is a piece of them I want to exist and flow through them for the rest of their lives.  In the last two months Olivia’s drawings have consistently become fantastic and left me more and more in awww of her ability to go to some other place and share it through her drawings (yes, total and complete mommy bias).

Suddenly I found myself looking at the world in a very different way.  Maybe instead of writing about a memory I could draw too?  Maybe instead of taking a picture or sharing words I could share an emotion or thought through drawings.  Could I?  Could I turn a vision, a thought, an idea into a drawing? So I found a great app on my iPad,  bought a stylist and I began to draw….and draw and I drew some more.   I began to study my daughters drawings.  I watched the details they added.  I took notes on their feelings.  I remembered how they were inspired.  And then I drew some more. Soon I started to find my own style.

After months of studying them and drawing my own pictures I realized it was time.  It was time to share my drawings with other.  Actually let other human beings (not just my daughters…who are totally bias. I could draw a wiggly lopsided stick figure and they’d say that’s beautiful mommy!!)   I channeled a pinch of whimsy and a cup of sweetness and drew for someone I knew would love my art even if it sucked.  With a million nervous knots in my stomach I hit the share button…

and when no one told me my drawing was awful I drew some more.   Today I find myself with a brand new creative outlet.


While I am still terrified to share my drawings with others I love it too much to let my new found love be effected by what others think.  So today I start what I hope will be the first of many, many, many more inspired illustrations.

I owe this new found passion all to my daughters!


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  1. There are no words to express how much I LOVE your works of art!!!!! They are absolutely, 100% Laverne. Creativity sings within you, and as long as you follow its song, you have nothing to fear. Being witness to your journey of finding first your voice and now your art has been truly exhilarating. Keep doin’ you’re doin’ babe!!! Xoxo
    Abby recently posted..It’s The Happiest Tuesday of All the TuesdaysMy Profile

    1. Oh my dear, beautiful, wonderful, fantastic friend… your words warm my heart and soul so much, you have no idea! You reflections on my drawings see right to their core. You really get me. Thank you so very much for everything you do and for your words. They mean so much more then you will ever know! It has been an incredibly long journey to be able to call myself a writer (as my hobby). I think I just might be able to call myself an artist…someday. xoxoxo

    1. OH Alex…. thank you so very much for visiting again. It means so very much. Your kind words warm my heart and seeing you here makes me smile!!! xoxox -LV

    1. Kir I am so very happy I am sharing them too. I was so very nervous but with each time I share I get a little braver. I love writing and know I have found I love drawing too. I am at that moment in its creativeness where I want others approval but I am swiftly moving toward a wonderful new confidence. You have a HUGE part in that. I my beautiful friend am equally as lucky xoxoxo

  2. These are incredible! I’m so proud of you for doing this and sharing them.
    It can be hard to come out of your comfort zone, not knowing what people will think; but your passion shows.
    You are doing wonderfully
    Leighann recently posted..It’s an HonourMy Profile

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