It has been too long since I have been back to this space.  The space that first supported me unconditionally.  The space that I met and made friendships I never imagined I would cherish so much.  The space that allowed me to trust and open up.  The space that showed me what a true community can mean to a woman.  The space that helped me find my voice (even though Elena would respond psshhhaw… I like to remind her frequently and the others there of their impact on my life).  Today I am linking up with Just Be Enough.

The prompt this week was: What Do You Secretly Like About Yourself

.  .  .  .  .

It carried me through a painful time of loss.

It encouraged avoiding the pain and heartache I should deal with.

It gets things done.

It steels time, frustrates others and causes tunnel vision.

It gives me the confidence to the confidence to see the finish line and charge after it.

It leaves others unprepared for the pace it will be reached.

It shows my girls that anything in life can be accomplished.

It is the core of my strength.  It is why I am survivor.  It is my drive. It makes me fierce. It gets things done.  It is an amazing quality that I cherish.  It was there when I didn’t know what it was called.  It was there before I knew its true strength.  It is a quality I hope my daughters develop.




Not easily discouraged









I secretly most proud of and deeply cherish the good and the bad, the gifts and the weaknesses of my tenacity.




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    1. Thank you Randee. I’m so happy you stopped by and read a post of mine. The blog I am linking up with today is one of the ones I was going to tell you about. It is a wonderful supportive group of woman. If you subscribe to their newsletter you will get all the latest I for on them and their writing prompt for the week. I wrote for them about a year after I started blogging (I don’t anymore). It is a wonderful supportive place!!

  1. Oh, this is so lovely and so true! I talk about running like this sometimes. I’m definitely not naturally gifted, but I am stubborn and don’t like to quit 🙂 I am so happy to see you back here, lovely Laverne!
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    1. I am a runner to. Well not a “runner”… I run. I think when you are not naturally gifted at something you need that quality of stubbornness to help you reach your goal. In this case being stubborn is a good thing!! I am happy to be back too! I have missed you all! -LV
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    1. Thank you Kim. I think you are amazing too. (I can not tell you how blessed I feel by our friendship!) I try to show my girls the positives of tenacity. My oldest has plenty of it and unfortunately we have yet to relish in all its positive qualities… grrr!!! -LV
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    1. You have made me giddy, seeing your comment pop up in my space. Thank you for your kind wordsElena! They always warm my heart and mean so very much to me!! -LV and xoxoxo too!
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    1. Thank you my beautiful friend. Tanacity is a mixed bag for sure, but I’ve decided to embrace its gifts! Thank you so much for visiting my new space. It means so very much that you came visit! xoxox

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