Just Me and Him

I sat down and shut the car door.  The excitement of the anticipation and trying something new-made me smile and bounce a little as I waited for him to take his spot in the driver’s seat.  My excitement was temporarily halted when he finally got into the car.

Suddenly I reminded myself,  “Oh yeah… I was miffed (actually more than miffed but I can not bring myself to swear on my blog)  at him.”

My lack of appreciation for sarcasim, coupled with my annoyance of trying to interpret it and addition of no date night in too many weeks, months to count left me…

Pulling out of the drive way he turned to drive down our street, but stopped the car.  He looked at me and smiled as he held my hand.  All the pressures of motherhood, managing a house, interpreting sarcasm, nights of mismatched schedules instantly disappeared.

Suddenly it was just me and him…

We were two people in love with each other.

We were a couple in love without a worry in the world.

Our only requirement of the day was to hold hands, sit close, enjoy this amazing day and…

…gather all the reminders we can about why we love each other so very much!





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    1. Thank you Abby! It was a wonderful time and it was something we needed very badly. It was also something we needed reminding that we needed badly. It was just so much fun!!!

    1. What a beautiful comment. It just warmed my heart and gave me the chills. Love is important isn’t it. It brings such meaning to all parts of our lives and our relationships. I am a very lucky woman. It isn’t always perfect but I am very blessed and a lucky woman! Thank you so much for you absolutely beautiful words xoxoxo

    1. Yes it was a baseball game. We were so lucky. My husband’s boss had two extra tickets to a roof top Cubs baseball game. It was like nothing I had ever experienced. We sent the entire day there being totally spoiled with all the food and drinks we wanted. Bonus too…what do you know the Cubs won too! It was a fantastic day!!

    1. OOOHHHH how I had missed it too!! Its tough getting out when the daily stuff, responsibilities and being a parent get in the way. I am so very happy we had the chance to get out. It was an incredible time!

    1. It is hard to find the time isn’t it! I know we need to have them. I know there important for the relationship but Date Nights are so easy to put on the back burner. This was a reminder to try harder to not let Date Nights be an after thought. I’ll have to remember to schedule the next one after I do all the laundry, clean, make dinner, work, bath the kids….when are we supposed to fit another one in?

  1. I’ve always believed that the most important ingredient to a successful marriage it letting go of the petty resentments. Probably also the best way to make sure your partner actually wants to spend time with you. It sounds as if you’ve got the hang of it.

  2. siiiigggghhhhhhh… Im so glad you got time away and that you were able to let your cares and concerns melt away and enjoy being with him and in love.
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