Just on Time. Never Late.

6:00 am
Up bright and early. That is my way.

I got a great run in and Olivia and Francine were still a sleep. Bonus. I filled the pot with water and added two scoops of grinds. Soon I would be enjoying warm, coffee goodness.
“Moommmy I’m aaaawaaake!”, I hear from the monitor.
“MOMMYY I’M A-WAKE!”, I hear from the other monitor.
And here we go.

It was play date day and as per our usual routine Holly and I had not quite decided what we wanted to do with the girls today. Typical. We would figure out something to do. Only hitch this day… she had to be some where at 1:30. No word from Holly.

Second cup of coffee in my belly. Girls were on the couch watching TV and I was on the computer. I started to think to myself. I probably should start to get in the shower. I probably should do something to start to get ready. If Holly calls (well, actually texts) and is ready to go I won’t be ready.

“How about the zoo”, the text reads.
What a great idea I think.
“Meet at 9:15.”, the next text reads.
Who is she kidding! No way I’ll be ready, pack lunches, get all of us in the car and drive to the zoo by 9:15. I offer 9:45 as a time to meet and it is agreed. We will meet at 9:45.

With a little help from Francine and Olivia lunches are made. At least one thing I needed to do is done.

My skype starts to ring. It’s Shirley. I tell her I only have 10 minutes to chat. 10 real minutes, not 10 Shirley and Laverne minutes. Who the hell am I kidding.

25 minutes later I’m barking out orders to Olivia and Francine.

“Pick out your clothes. Then get dressed. Mommies going to get in the shower.”

Francine, “Mommy can I sit on your bed? I won’t jump!”


Out of the shower. Took me extra long. Sucks when you decide to wear shorts and then you realize that you haven’t shaved your legs in a couple of days. Shaving legs… not a time saver.

Surprise, surprise the girls are actually dressed! Yeah us!!!

Hair is done, mommy is dressed, lunches are packed, girls are dressed and pottied. One thing left… I probably should feed them breakfast. No time.

The award winning mommy I am… I stop for coffee and they get to have donuts. Thank goodness I at least didn’t have to stop for gas. That is generally my luck. I decide to text Holly to let her know that we are running late. She lets me know that they are just leaving their house. She’s running later then I am.

Driving to the zoo I think of my husband. Boy if he was with us this would drive him crazy. My mind drifts to the post I wrote: Misplaced, never lost. I think ya know: Just on Time, Never Late. would make another great post idea.

We make it to the zoo. I get the girls and our backpack out of the car. My friends car drives up. Who am I kidding…. I love to think I’m just on time. I’m Late!!

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  1. Sounds like me, every morning trying to get ready for work and getting the munchkin ready for school/summer camp…

    The story of our lives!

  2. Lol! My youngest is 3yrs old. It’s amazing how they can make everything take three times as long! I alwasy try and think back to what is was like when all I had to worry about was myself…then I remember how boring and lonely it was compared to now.:)

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