The Lego Challenge

My daughters and I saw the Lego Movie two weekends ago.  The movie exceeded my expectation to say the very least.  It left us with a message that inspired us, got our imaginations going and had us wanting to be uber creative… awesome Master Builders.

The Lego Movie also left an impression on my girls and they have been non-stop Lego builders.  They have pulled out their books, organized their Legos, built Lego creations, pulled the creations apart, pushed the books aside and started creating their own Lego creations too.

It has been Legos, Legos, Legos!

 . . . . . . . . . . . .

“Mom will you play legos with me,” Francine smiled.

“Sure!” I answered even though it was one of those I’m tired as all get out moments but I know I need to drop everything and play with her moments.

I sat on the living room floor waiting for Francine to bring the bucket of Legos into the living room.

“You coming!!!!” I yelled.

“Just a minute momma!  I’m looking for lights,” she shouted back excitedly.

I looked at Olivia’s Lego direction book that she was working from on the living room floor.  Her booklet was opened to a page  that suggested combining two small kits to make one bigger creation.

“Olivia,” I smiled, as the light bulb lit up in my head.

“What mommy,” she asked looking up at me with a I know what that tone means smile.

“I’m having an idea!”

“What is it?” she smiled excited to hear it.

MOM NOTE:  I love that they still love my ideas and think they are awesome.  I’m soaking this up as long as I can.  I’m not always sure how long this whole mom awesomeness thing is going to last! 

“Lets have a Lego Challenge,” I exclaim.

“A what?” she asks tilting her head and smiling as she asks in wonder.

“A Lego Challenge,”  I smirk at her with squinted my eyes, challenging her ” You ready?!!”

“Ok Mommy!” she says in a here goes nothing, I love my mom but I have no idea what this crazy idea of hers is kind of way.

I smile at her and pause…..

“I challenge you to build a cat transporter out of Legos!

“Ugggg that’s heavy!!!!”  Franicne sighs as she interrupts and  drops the pink container of Legos on the floor next to me.

“Hey, did you hear?  We decided to have a Lego Challenge!!” I smile and say to her.

“I’m building with lights” she frowns letting me know she does’t want to do my idea.

“Do you want to play too?”

“I have all my lights,” she says

“I know!” I smile back at her trying to get her to come around to the awesome Lego Challenge we are having,” I have a challenge all set for you. Are you ready?”

“Fiiiiinnnnnne” she says making sure I know that she will do it but she’s not going to like it because she had lights you know!

“Your challenge is to build a glowing tree house,” I tell her.

Her eyes light up as ideas start to sprout and connect in her mind, “Ok Momma but you have to build it with me!” she smiles.

“For sure!!!” I answer poking her side to get a giggle out of her.

“Mommy, look I’m done!!!” Olivia shouts.

“I’m ready for my next challenge,” Olivia announces.

Hours and hours and hours and hours later challenges are completed…

The Final Product of The Light Up Tree House Made by Mommy and Francine

Lighted Treehouse

More challenges are given out…

“Ok. I have one!” I say quickly, ” Ready!” I tease.

“Yes!!!” Olivia answers with flutters of giddy happiness.

“Your challenge is…” I say like it’s an official announcement, “is to build a mobile vet house for three animals!”

The Final Product of Mobile Vet House for Three Animals by Olivia

Annimal Transport

… Francine and Olivia giggle as they think of ideas for each challenge.

FRANCINE’S LAST CHALLENGE: Make a Creation That Would Do or Make Something for Someone 

Robot Deliverer

…she invented a robot that would deliver ice cream,  ice cream sundaes,whip cream and pie to anybody anywhere. You can even pay the robot for your delivery.  Anybody want some pie?!

It was hours spent together imagining and creating.

It was the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon!


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