MEMEday Week #3

I am seriously obsessed with the Big Bang Theory.

It has even gotten to the point that when I turn the point that when I turn on an episode to watch I hear my six year old sigh and say, “Oh mom not again!”

I seriously can not help myself.  I can not remember the last TV show that caused me to laugh out loud more then once per episode.  I find myself thoroughly excited to see what story plots and lines this quarky, incredibly talented and absolute comic genius writers will think of next.

…and then I continue to watch and happily laugh out loud!

As I watch my most favorite laugh out loud make me snort TV show I could not help but be inspired by Sheldon Cooper and his famous BAZINGA.  By inspired I mean it is meme a time and this weeks memes are all things BAZINGA!

In case you are not familiar with the Sheldon Cooper BAZINGA here is a clip that will catch you up…




Do you have an idea for a BAZINGA too?

I’d love to hear it!

Leave your BAZINGA in the comments section and

if it meets Sheldon Coopers standards for BAZINGAness

I’ll share it in BAZINGA meme next week!

(and that’s no BAZINGA)







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6 Replies to “MEMEday Week #3”

    1. Abby I love your BAZINGA! I never considered the husband factor! Oh I heart Sheldon too! The lines those writers come up with the he is such a talented actor. Sigghhhhh another thing we have in common. While I am very late to TBBT party, I watch the episodes over and over again! I really can not get enough of it!

  1. This truly is a brilliant idea & that is no Bazinga! I love TBBT!

    How about,

    “I just love getting up with 4 times in the middle of the night between the hours of midnight to 4 am. Sleep deprivation is the best. Bazinga!”

    1. Thank you so much Kate! I really couldn’t help myself as soon as I heard the BAZINGA on TBBT I knew I had to harness it and make a meme. I am so happy that you enjoyed them! I love the sleep deprivation BAZINGA idea! I’ll let you know when the meme is written!

    1. …and how is it that suddenly my email decided that comment emails were spam!! Conspiracy I tell you!! Isn’t that video great! I could watch it over and over. Especially the ball pit part. I have to be careful I don’t have an accident it makes me laugh so hard! xoxox too -LV

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