MEMEday Week #5

Happy Tuesday!  Wednesday!  I am a day two days late with MEMEday, but that is just how life is right now.  I continue to happily be on the receiving end of an abundance of ideas.  unfortunately an insanely busy schedule and no ability to stay up past 9 freckin 30 at night to write has left me no time to create.  So as the MEME ideas flow through my head in the shower, during the car ride to work, in the middle of the night, during tweeting or even instagraming I am trying to capture them and write them down.  Saving them for the right time to be created and shared.

This weeks first inspiration comes from Alex (@l8enough).  Yes, she is back again for MEMEday Week #5.  I can’t help it.  The woman is seriously funny.  She can string words together to make me snort and laugh so loud my children give me odd looks and wonder if mommy is ok.  Upon falling in love with a meme I made of one of Alex’s tweets* she DM’d me last week to ask me a question.  Those DMs lead to this twitter conversation…I have to tell you (I may be giving away Alex‘s secrets here) but there is something else I have discovered about Alex… she is amazing.  Not amazing like super woman (well that’s a possibility) amazing like behind that sassy punk red streak there is a woman with fierce integrity, high standards and great respect for others… and she is a great secret keeper, good listener and it takes a lot for her to think your crazy (and I dished her a good slice of crazy, neuroticnesss).

Two weeks ago as part of my BAZINGA MEME fest I asked my reader for BAZINGA inspiration with promises that if I liked them I would create a them inspired BAZINGA MEME….

Inspired by Abby

Inspired by Kate

To finish off this weeks MEMEday I can not help but wish Abby, one of my most favorite I absolutely adore tweets.  Scratch that… she is not just a tweet she is a dear, close to my heart, I wish she lived next store we’d drink coffee together each morning and chat over wine at night kind of friends Abby from or @thatgabbyabby

 *Alex was not reimbursed, compensated, payed, given chocolate or free deodorant for saying she loved my MEME of her tweet.  Her opinion was purely made up.

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