MEMEday Week #6

I first saw this adorable fruit on Stasha’s Instagram (@northwestmommy) feed. The second time I saw the sassy, fun fruit I knew I had to beg and pretty please my way to getting a copy of it.  Stasha (like she always does) was happy to share.  I have never hidden my admiration for Stasha.  She is one of the most talented photographers I know and she has a heart as beautiful as her artistic photographers eye…in other words I adore her and am left in awwww of her talent daily.  Oh yeah, I also have a major crush on her dog!  Don’t know Stasha?  This post I wrote about her will bring you up to speed: Stasha and Her Perspective.

Today this shaded produce is the newest member of my MEMEday line up.  I couldn’t think of a better little fruit to lend its voice to this MEME then my own peanut Francine.  My 5 year old PRATTLING kindergartener inherited my gift for gab.  Well to be quite honest with you the poor child has inherited my ability to talk continueously with out taking a breath. That coupled with her affection for pure stream on conscious narration of her thoughts makes for some incredibly interesting car rides.  So today I am introducing to you the PRATTLING PINEAPPLE… a stream of conscious, non-stop talking, back seat driving, unfiltered narrator of life!

If you have a moment be sure to check out Stasha’s work at: Stash B. Photography, visit her blog (her Listicles are a hoot), or follow her on her Instagram @Northwestmommy

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