MEMEday Week #7

I LOVE MEMEs! If you have been here and visited enough you know that.  MEMEs come to me from all parts of life.  I get them from twitter, my kids, my husband my friends… no ones life is inspirationally off limits.  So one would think with everything going on in my life MEME inspiration would be everywhere.  One would be wrong.  I have had a bit of a MEME dry spell lately.  So this week I had to look hard for the fun and funny things in my life that would inspire me for MEMEday.

The Prattling Pineapple makes a come back this week.  Her philosophical constant narration of her thoughts have been a little off this week, but ride in a car with her when a VW bug drives by and watch out…

Sometimes it really slays me what goes through the minds of men…

Donnie makes a come back here for a Dear Abby…

Happy Monday everyone!

May the words you use be my inspiration… he he he!

and your TO DO lists be completed!

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    1. Yeah… I am the one who actually taught her hehehehe! I still play too! I try really hard not to hit too hard. I’m still working on that!

    1. I have to admit Donnie is kind of growing on me. Well…. seriously whats not to like when he can send a very good friend words that brighten her day!!

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