MEMEday Week #8

Boy do I love MEME inspiration.

Today I have more from the Prattling Pineapple and another visit from Ryan.

My sister took Francine and Olivia out to celebrate Olivia’s 7th birthday.  The texts that came to me while they were eating dinner and filling up on a brownie dolloped with vanilla ice cream were pure Prattling Pineapple… my very own 6 year old stream of conscious, non-stop talking, unfiltered narrator of life!

This Hey girl is inspired by my fantastically beautiful friend Kim over at Rubber Chicken Madness.  The girl has entered the on-line dating world (she’s amazing…and oh the stories).  In between holding my nose to prevent myself from snorting coffee I am also moved by the passion, strength and ability to stay true to herself that she possesses.

Can’t a girl find a guy?!

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