MEMEday Week 9

It has been a few weeks too long since a meme took up space here.  Today’s memes are inspired by a family…a mother and daughter.  Last week Jenna shared a post at Made More Beautiful… she was So Done and I was so incredibly proud and happy for my friend and the 366 days she endured to be legally separated.  It inspired a meme for her I have been meaning to introduce for months… Christian Bale.  I can not wait to see what day 367 and beyond hold for her!   Last week Jenna’s daughter Grace also shared a post on Made More Beautiful: Anxiety Defeated.  I was incredibly moved by this 7th graders powerful voice and her ability to use words to create a vision of anxiety and the battle so many face with it.  So today I present you with two brand spanking new memes.  Two memes that I am certain will be here to stay!  (Please excuse the swear word in one of the memes.  Frankly, I could not think of a better and more meaningful word to make my point.)

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    1. You are so welcome! You know how I felt about those posts. I was happy to finally have an inspiration for a Christian Bale just for you. Christian Bale is going to be my wise and romantic MEME. As for Daryl….He and the rest of The Walking Dead crew are going to become fierce advocates and voices for the strong people who battle each day. I am so excited to have them both as new arsenels of inspiration. More MEME fun is sure to come with them involved! xoxox

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