Meredith and her GLOw

Rain drizzled on my “yes, it’s a good hair day! {fist pump}” hair as I ran from one black awning to the next trying not to get too wet.  I peaked inside the first door.

“No, that is not it,” I thought.

I ran to the second door.  Looking through the glass of the the door I couldn’t make out if there was anyone in there.  I leaned closer to see if I could see anyone.  The door to the restaurant opened and I was welcomed by a blonde hair, warm smiling,  black rimmed glasses wearing beauty.

With parking figured out I nervously signed in and put my name tag on.  I was super excited to be at my second Girls Lunch Out event, but nervous to be doing it all by myself.  Before I knew it I was talking and meeting new woman.  Today was the day I was going to learn about vlogging.  Was I ever going to vlog,  probably not, but I loved using videos in the classroom and on my classroom blog.  I was excited to hear about it and learn something new.  Soon it was time to meet everyone.  Each woman took their turn introducing themselves (I have to work on my introduction by the way).  I was in aw of the amazingness each woman brought to this event.  Then she stood up.  The blonde hair, warm smiling, black rimmed glasses wearing beauty.

“Hi I’m Meredith Sinclair…”

“Meredith Sinclair….Meredith Synclair …” rattled through my brain.

{insert light bulb}

“Oh my lordy that is the speaker today!  I talked to her.  She helped me.  She’s nice.  She’s funny.  I can’t wait to see hear her talk!” my brain rambled on.

Lunch was surrounded with tweeting, instagraming and getting to know each other.  We were filled with a fantastic meal (by Francesca’s on Taylor) of salad, bruchetta,  two types of pasta, a little wine.  It was wonderful.  As  bites of dessert were being taken it was time for the guest speaker… yep Meredith Synclair of  As she pitched to us the impact and audience we can reach with vlogging.  She gave us tips on vlogging, how to get the best light, make sure you have good sound and how to teach yourself to edit video.  I took notes on the tips and make sure you remember to do this’s.   Between the notes and fantastic tips I still thought not in your life am I ever going to vlog woman.  Meredith continued to talk,  sharing her tips and make sure you’s.  Suddenly she went from instructional to inspiring.  She shared with us a deep passion, her phenomenal work ethic, her drive, her passion and her unwavering belief in us.  Words like “pretend like you’re talking to your best friend”,  “you don’t have to be perfect”, “you can do it” and suddenly my thoughts of no I will never vlog moved to I can create what I love and I can do anything I put my mind to (… to date I am seriously debating with myself whether to do a vlog or not…oh it might be fun…no no no vlogging…damn you Meredith!)

So when Meredith shared her fantastic smile and warm personality with me one last time

I knew not only was I deeply inspired by this incredibly dynamic, creative, inspirational, make you feel like you can try anything woman… I had a serious crush!

This was my second Girls Lunch Out event.  It was even more fun then the first.  It was wonderful to see friends from the last event and meet and talk to mind blowing, strong, fantastically amazing woman that participated in it

I was not reimbursed,  payed or given any samples for this post.  All thoughts and opinions regarding Meredith, Girls Lunch Out and Francesca’s are my own.  They really are that fabulous!!


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10 thoughts on “Meredith and her GLOw

    1. It was really so much fun! I had had tons of ideas swimming around in my head. Ideas that were post worthy and ready to go. I needed that kick, a fire lit to get them done. Meredith did that. Such a dynamic, powerful, hardworking inspiring woman. I think someday I will vlog but for now this is it and you know what a HUGE step pictures of me on my blog is! I’m happy you like the picture. I have learned from the best {Insert your name}! xoxo

    1. Well I have already cursed Meredith in my comments to her. It took me so long to find and own my voice. It took me longer to share pictures of me. But Meredith… damn her has definitely got me thinking. Maybe probably maybe someday. Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting. I have to admit I did a bit of a happy dance when I saw your comment! Giddily-LV

    1. Thank you!! It has been a very long journey for me to embrace this side of me and also share it more. The blogger get togethers are fun. I hope to do more. It’s hard to find ones that are not too big but it is wonderful to meet and get to know each other!

    1. Thank you. I have only started to show more of the real me on my blog and not just sharing words. I have also just started to embrace, own and share this really fun side of me. I really really have enjoyed the two events I have been to. More then that I have loved watching you ladies growing and spreading your wings. I look forward to seeing you again too!!!

  1. Oh, Sweet Laverne,

    You are MOST adorable indeed! I adore your writing voice, your vibe, and your playful spirit. I’m humbled by your post and blushing from your words, but what I am MOST thrilled about is that I may have inspired you to bring that adorable voice out from behind the screen. Vlog on!

    1. Oh Meredith… I am actually at a loss for words and if you knew me you’d laugh and say yeah right. Than you so much for stopping by, reading my piece and commenting. It means a ton and so do your words! I’m still not sure about clogging but I do know this every time so often lately a little voice in my head says… Ya know that would make a great little clip for a vlog… Damn you. I say damn you. It’s gonna happen someday. Damn you!! And THANK YOU TOO!!!! MWWWAAAH!!

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