Mom Always Said…

I don’t know about where you are at but winter has gone from …

“Ohhhh look at all that snow!  Lets go play in it”


“We’re stuck in the house againnnn??!!”


“Moooommmm she’s touching me again!”

“Mooooommmm tell her to leave me alone!”


“Do I have anything warmer then an undershirt and a long sleeve shirt and a sweater and  jeans and socks and boots and a scarf and mittens and a down jacket…cause I’m still cold!”


“Are you kidding me?! Is this ever going to end?!”


“I’m moving to Florida!!”

…but even with all of that obvious love for winter Moose has his own opinions

Always Eat Your Vegetables

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5 Replies to “Mom Always Said…”

  1. *Giggle* Oh, Moose. You get me every time.

    How mad would you be if I told you I’m wearing short sleeves and flip flops today? 😉

    1. Abby…I would have to say you suck and I am soooo jealous!! Moose on the other hand might have other ideas! Be careful you never know what he’s up to 😉

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