In A Galaxy Far, Far Away: My Classroom Gamification Process (Part 1)

Today I started planning my 5th classroom gamification game…5th!!! Holy wow! Can you believe it has been that many already. I sat at my kitchen table and channeled my inner Jedi, Hans Solo, Princess Leia and Chewbacca and R2D2 organizing my thoughts and ideas for my newest game“Star Wars: The Force Be With You. The Battle Against the Dark Force”.

What can I say! My goodness I love those movies!

As the doc with links and ideas began to fill I started to think about all the educators out there interested in starting to gamify their classroom or just starting out. So instead of writing a post about my process I decided it was time to step a bit out of my comfort zone.  I would record and share my process…like video (no writing) share and record.

My Classroom Gamification Process: Part 1 Planning The Game


In Part 1: Planning the Game I go into great detail (12 mins…I know, but its a lot of information) sharing my thinking and process of how I create the game and record my ideas.  This is the first part in “My Gamificaiton Process Series” (I’ll be recording and sharing my entire process as I create this year’s game). I hope that each part in this series will be a resource for those ready to start gamifying their classroom.

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  1. Great job on the video! As a first-time gamifier, hearing your thought process and seeing what you want to have figured out right now, what you want to have a rough idea of, and what you will come up with later as the students drive the game is incredibly helpful. I’m wondering – as students are in other classes (outside of your room), does any part of the game follow them, or is it really contained in your class?

    Looking forward to this Star Wars journey together!

    1. Aubrey- I am so very sorry I missed this comment. I am so happy that hearing my thoughts was meaningful to you. Generally the game does not follow them out of my room. Pairing up with another teachers could allow that to happen though. I have, however, had students who needed additional incentive/structure and have used their success in other classes as part of my game (like allowing them to earn points in other classes through a point sheet and then use the points in my game). I have LOVEDDDDDD being on this Star Wars journey with you!!!!!

  2. Hi Carrie,

    I love your gamification and I am very interested in starting this in my own classroom. I was wondering how the students move through space to the planets? Do they have to earn points to move or complete challenges to move to different planets?


    1. Kelly!!!! How did I miss this comment!!! I am so so so sorry!!! I never did go the planet route with this game. I have in another mini game I used last year. You totally could have them earn points to move from planet to planet. Yes, challenges/quests could be completed at each planet (maybe even more than one) before they could move on. They could also earn a badge or power up for surviving the planet.

      Again, I am so sorry for my delayed response. If you would like to talk more about this I am always happy to idea talk. You can reach out to me on twitter @heckawesome or via email

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