{NEW} Bright Ideas

Technology is in full swing in my classroom.  Roadblocks from earlier in the school year have been conquered.  I have a fantastic (and frankly just plain better) vision for technology usage in my classroom.  A large portion of this new version is looking into my students futures, envisioning what technology will enrich and be permanently part of their lives and ensuring that I am teaching them to use these tools to its fullest.  This change in how I view technology in my classroom and how I view its purpose for each individual student has taken me on an amazing new journey.  This journey has already been full of trying more new things in my classroom and continuing to look and try  more amazing new ideas.  During my journey of teaching, learning and trying I can’t help but want to share these bright ideas I come along.  Some of them I discover in my classroom and others I find during my travels and interactions on social media.    They are tips, tricks and information that will enhance teachers, parents, students and children’s learning and even their lives!

Make sure to come back tomorrow when I share my first of many more…

Bright Ideas By Heck Awesome


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