No Swimming

My daughters are a constant source of inspiration for me.  Their amazingly fantastic view the world around them makes me smile. The heck awesome places their imaginations take them to leaves me in smiling in awwww.  The times I get to spend drawing and doing crafts with them… inspired and filled with ideas.

Like most of my doodles, this one stared with “Mommy come draw with meeeee!!!!”

It quickly turned into a paper crumpling grump, “I can’t draw fish!!!!”

And ended with a mini-fish drawing lesson and then it….well you’ll see!


No Swimming

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    1. Tracie I would LOVE to come to your house and give drawing lessons. Just so you know I’m no a professional, creativity is messy and you just might be giggly with all the ideas we come up with! I’ll bring the crayons. Crayola twistables are my favorite!!!

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