About Francine

FrancineCooksPOSTTitleMeet Francine!

Her anonymous name (well she had to have an anonymous name just like mom) comes from Francine in the book Olivia.  She is my sassy, spunky, fashionista, pink loving, people pleasing charming 6 year old. Sometimes she stops by here for a visit and shares a story here.  Her most favorite thing in the whole world is her mom  baking and she absolutely does not like cleaning and getting hurt.

These are her stories!

Mommy Disclaimer…. Francine began writing here because her sister did and she is just not one to be left out of anything!  All the words and the ideas are completely Francine’s.  I only helped with the typing, formatting, spelling and with Photoshopping the pictures.  By writing her stories Francine hopes that other “kids” will learn to cook up ideas just like her!

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