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Olivia got her anonymous name from books based on the dancing, drawing, singing, crazy imagination pig…Olivia.  They are sooo alike!  My Olivia is my 8 year old and my day dreaming, wicked awesome drawer, story writer, who’s imagination takes her to crazy awesome places! She just love to write and create and use her imagination.  She stops by here for a visit and shares her drawing and stories.  Her most favorite thing in the whole world is her crazy awesome, fantastically amazing, beautiful mom her legos friends, her piggy bank and play her games and she absolutely does not like when things break.

Mommy Disclaimer…. Olivia began writing because she just loves it!  She started writing here because she just wanted to share her words and see how it felt!  She learned that it feels good share her stories and hear what other people think about them.  All the words, the ideas, the typing… are completely by Olivia.  I only helped with the formatting, the spelling (a little bit) and Photoshopping the pictures.  By writing her stories Olivia hopes to show kids that they can have fun reading stories and then make stories of their own!

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