A Letter to Change

Dear Change,

I hate you!  You suck!  You can go away now and not come bake for a very long time.  I have learned to tolerate you.  I even came to embrace you.  I welcomed you into my life and saw all the good that you brought to it.  I’ve had enough of you.  I’m done. No more. I don’t want any more new people at work.  I like the ones we had.  They do not really need to retire or find a better job…they can stay.  I don’t like the new twitter.  It teases me with its new sexy sleek design but pisses the f*ck out of me because it does not have a horizontal viewing option (does that sound dirty).  Change I am done!  Your stupid twitter app change has put me over the edge.  You are in the dog house and if you keep it up you will not be allowed in the yard.  To quote a six year old I know, “I’m MAD at you! and I DON’T LIKE YOU ANYMORE!”  


P.S. I am mad at you too Pinterest… for all your “change is good,  change is pretty,  embrace change,  change the world” beautiful inspiring cra* … art!  You were no help at all! 

We haven’t been virgins for a while now but today we are!  We are linking up with Love Links for the first time because ADo sent us!!! 

Minky Moo and Her Instagram

They were strangers the first time I “met” them. Today I find my adventures enriched, inspired and filled with laughter because of them…  

It started with Amy and Her #Sixthings.  

Then it was Kir and Her Cupcakes

Today it is Minky {Moo}’s turn!

I’ve been talking to strangers and what do you know I’ve made some friends!   


I didn’t have to spend too much time on Twitter before I was introduced to Minky {Moo}.

Minky {Moo}… 
A mink?

What a mink coat…mink wrap?

…and a cow?

I’ve heard some clever blog names before, but….O-K-aaaaaaaa!
A quick ‘click’ of my mouse and a light gray and yellow vintage flower print detailed by classic buttons filled my computer screen.  Dial M for Minky {Moo} Motherhood and Mimosas… I still don’t get it! (after a bit of research…aka internet stalking I have learned that Mink Moo was actually the name of one of her cats…I think).  I got to know her better through Just.Be.Enough, Facebook and #Sixthings (need a laugh…See Stephanie at work sharing her #sixthings).  She is quick witted, will make you laugh out loud, is warm and accepting, madly in love with her sons and a picture sharing momma.  To others she is Stephanie…Yes, Stephanie… Stephanie Stearns Dulli.  Actress, comedian, writer and now a director.   To me she is a momma and a Instagram Goddess! 
You see thanks to Stephanie I have a new love.  Yes, besides Twitter, blogging and Pinterest… I now have Instagram too.  Everyday I can count on Stephanie for at least a couple of Instagram pictures.  Whether it is a baby fix and a swoon with an #uptotheminutehuck or “Boss” giving Stephanie a run for her money or making her giggle.  She fills my feed with fun Instagram pictures.

WARNING LABEL: Viewing these pictures may cause swooning, awwwws , giggles or smiles.                   These unpredictable side effects and are no fault of this blog… 
It is all Stephanie’s fault!

“The Boss”*
26 pictures later I am fully in love with Instagram’s ease of use and artsy filters.  I enjoy sharing my families adventures with close friends and relatives.  Stephanie’s simple act of filling my life with #uptotheminutehuck’s and snap shots of the “Boss” have reminded me that a mother’s deep love for her children and small everyday moments contain fun, giggles, laughter and surprises others want to see!  
Thank You Stephanie!

*All pictures used in this post were used with the consent of Stephanie Dulli  aka Minky Moo 

Homemade Memories

Saturday morning at ballet lessons (the girls, not mine) I got a text from my husband, “Let’s go get a new Christmas Tree.  One with the lights already built in and easy to put up.”

“Ok!” I excitedly reply (well I felt excited but only relied that… shopping duh! Something new for the house…Of course!  Husband suggesting spending money… I do not hesitate.)
Two hours at the store looking for just the right tree left us treeless.  No tree at the store was full enough, tall enough or made us think, “That’s the one!” 

That night I sat indian style on the floor with camera in hand.  I was ready to capture a moment.  The girls giggled and gasped as they picked up ornaments from the red, green and pink stripped cloth ornament container. 
“Make sure you spread them out,” I told them.

“You got that one on your first Christmas Olivia,” I reminisced.

“That one was Grandma’s.”

“You made that one last year in pre-school Francine,”  I reminded her.

Each ornament had a story.
Our tree is our story.  

It is beautiful.  It is our hand-me-downed Christmas Tree from my husband’s mom.  It is the tree that hold colored lights like the ones my husband grew up with.  It is the tree that sparkles with garland my mother taught me to hang. It is the tree that hold our ornaments.  It is perfect.

I can not help be filled with warmth as I look at the tree.  It reminds me of my childhood and tells me the holidays are really here. 

So while I was certain I would have nothing to offer for the Just.Be.Enough link up this week, I am again surprised by the impact this group of woman has had on me, my life and my outlook on life.  
The best presents of all are often the simple things in life….a day, an activity, a tree, my family, a story, an ornament…. a feeling! 
 Complete warm your body, make you smile, happiness!

This Post was inspired bythis weeks Just.Be.Enough theme:  “The best present of all…”* 
I am writing, posting and linking up to share my voice.
I am doing my part to carry the weight of
confidence and empowerment.
I am sharing the mission of empower and inspire
to remind women, parents and children
that the time has come to celebrate

It’s your turn now…

Spreading Cupcakes: Week 2 Update

I take to Twitter once a day to search.  I search for fellow Tweeters who could use a smile.  I have no prerequisites, no standard, no must be.  I read, I explore, I notice and then I tweet.  I tweet to surprise.  I tweet to change a moment.  I tweet to spread smiles.

As of Week 2 @InAPaperWrapper (Laverne’s alter Twitter Ego) has spread 30 thoughtful tweets each with something sweet.  Here is a sample of some of the cupcakes I’ve spread (this Storify feed may not display on cell phones…sorry).  

Go ahead try one!

<a href=”http://storify.com/InAPaperWrapper/spreading-cupcakes” target=”_blank”>View the story “Spreading Cupcakes (Week 2)” on Storify</a>] 

Tomorrow I will take to Twitter again. I will search. I will explore.  I will Tweet… Then I will smile as my heart is filled with warmth from the {smiles} and {giggles} I get back in return.


Want to know how it all started? 

“Click” a cupcake
be part of this new adventure

@InAPaperWrapper: Unwrap Your Tweet…Laverne is spreading a little something special  with each thoughtful tweet! Inspired by @thekircorner

The Kitchen Table

 I opened my pink flowered journal to the page marked, “I am really…”  I close my eyes and wait for a feeling to take over me.  I wait for something that will give me inspiration.  The soft touch of a small hand and a head leaning on my shoulder brings pause to my thoughts.

“Mommy can I color,” Francine asks with a big grin, looking up at me.

“Of course!”

White, blue, yellow, red papers engulf her side of the table. They wait to be turned into masterpieces as she runs to get the crayons.



Blue, pink, yellow and green decorate the page with flowers and stick figures.

“Look Mommy! This is me and my best friend.”

“Mooooommmmmy!!!! I want to make a bracelet,” Olivia shouts from across the kitchen.  She is making certain she is not left out.

“Ok, you know where the beads are.”

Clunk! A blue and white decorated Easter tin hits the kitchen table.  Olivia opens the tin.  She pauses and stares at the beads.  Her imagination is in full gear. 



Flower, elephant, heart, heart,
star, flower, elephant…  are threaded on her string.

“Mommy!  Look what I made!  Can you tie it for me please?  Isn’t it the most beautiful.”
He walks through the living room into the kitchen.  Our eyes meet.  We smile and he walks toward me. His lips meet the small of my neck.

“I love you.”

Little glances from Olivia and Francine are followed by smiles and giggle. 

My thoughts are distracted as I answer questions, help little ones do their crafts and get in a little flirting with my husband. 

“Mommy are you done with your story,” Olivia asks.

“No, sweetie. I was just watching you.”

A feeling of happiness comes over me.  I am reminded (like so many times in my life) how really happy I am.


This Post was inspired bythis weeks Just.Be.Enough theme:  “I am feeling…”*
I am writing, posting and linking up to share my voice.
I am doing my part to carry the weight of
confidence and empowerment.
I am sharing the mission of empower and inspire
to remind women, parents and children
that the time has come to celebrate
It’s your turn now…
*Next Weeks Theme:What are you striving for?
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Kir and Her Cupcakes

I met her through Just.Be.Enough.  A few interactions through our blogs and  twitter was all it took….

Kirsten from The Kir Korner is one of the most warm and genuine people I have come to know through blogging.  She has been down some rough roads and visited some dark places, but she survived and she is wonderful.   She chats with you and your day is instantly brightened. Her words bring a smile to your face. Oh and did I mention she is an amazing writer… cause she is!
Two weeks ago I was catching up on my blog reading.  I saw my usually daily dose of Kir in my inbox. The title read Pour My Heart Out: My Comments are like Cupcakes.  She told us about her love for cupcakes, “…they are an instant celebration in a small paper cup.”   She shared her favorite kind, “…store bought birthday cake,  vanilla on vanilla with butter cream balloons.”  Then she did it.  She made the connection between her favorite decorated treat and she told us what she excelled at… leaving comments…  
“I believe our stories are our cakes, our attempts at baking from scratch and setting it on the table so everyone can look at and admire it. We want our guests to enjoy the dessert we offer, to smack their lips and lick their forks, satisfied with our effort. 

In many ways, I like to think my comments are like cupcakes; a tiny piece of that much bigger cake.

A dainty yet delectable slice of my heart that I give you in exchange for the stories and secrets you have made and shared with me.

I may not be good at a lot of things, but I can promise you that if I read your words, I will never leave your space without leaving a whole lot of sweetness behind.” 

That was all it took.  I was instantly inspired.  A spot in me that longed for a new creative outlet was filled. The spot that had to step away from blogging commitments, write less and focus on me and my family was filled with warmth and inspiration.   


@InAPaperWrapper  was born… I would turn my love for twitter as not just a way to connect with others and make new friends, but as a way to spread cupcakes and thoughtful words.  I would use my strengths and Kir’s inspiration to help make others smile. So while I do not have as much time to write as I want, the small moments I have on twitter to recognize other, be thoughtful and spread cupcakes warms the moments in my day!


Thank you Kir!

Amy and Her #Sixthings

I continue to be in awe of the amazing people I meet through Twitter and blogging.  Shirley and I started out as the original Kindred Adventurers, just the two of us.  Today we find our lives enriched and our adventures more exciting because of the people that join us everyday. 

When Shirley and I started this adventure she was instantly friendly, out going, honest and spoke her mind.   Most of all Amy was kind, completely accepting, tolerated an unending amount of technology questions and was just really fun to tweet with. I enjoyed tweeting with Amy and getting to know her. I began to follow her on Accidential Musings and I even took a peek at Social Pollen when she started it all (I’ve loved watching it grow).  I learned that she is a strong women who is not ashamed of her weaknesses.  She passionately shares her points of views and will proudly and intellectually defend them.  She loves and embraces her children for exactly who they are even when they drive her crazy ….and she is  a romantic.  

This brings me to my latest adventures with Amy…

2,000 tweets ago when Amy (@amydpp) was approaching 22,000 tweets she put a shout out asking for others to list #sixthings.  Amy, just wanted to reach her 22,000 mark…at least that is what she thought.

I remember seeing her tweet.
I instantly thought, “Oh, I am going impress Amy with my knowledge of everything that is Amy.”

I instantly began sharing everything I knew about her.  After letting me get up to at least number four Amy so kindly let me know that #sixthings was not about her.  She wanted share #sixthings about herself and we could share #sixthings about ourselves too.  Lets just say thank goodness no one can see you when you are on twitter.  I wanted crawled in a hole and could have blinded someone with the shade of red on my face.  

Four rounds of #sixthings later I find myself looking forward to Sunday nights on Twitter.  I look forward to joining up with Amy. I love sharing about myself, learning about others and connecting with new and interesting people.
I hope that you will join 
…. and yes of coarse Shirley @yourgirlshirley  has joined in too 
for #sixthings
Want to see #sixthings in action give this a  
Amy has some each adventure there for you to see: www.accidentalmusings.com/six-things/

Her First

Today I am joining up with the Write On Edge Community: Red writing Hood
Today’s prompt…challenge:
  • The conversation should be between two people/characters. 
  • Using surroundings, body language, visual cues and blocking, in addition to the spoken words, show us who they are and what their relationship is without coming out and telling us!

A pea sized dollop of sparkly blue toothpaste sat on the light pink Little Mermaid tooth brush. Her tired body leaned on the bathroom counter as she looked at it.  Her gaze began to gloss over as seconds passed.

“Coooooommmmmeeeeee on “ she shouted to her. “We do this every night.  Lets go!”

“I’m coming,” she sassed back like she was practicing to be a teenager.

“We do this every night!  Let’s go,” she pointed to the waiting toothbrush.Do you want me to brush or you?”

“I’ll do it,” she confidently responded. Like there was every really any question about who would do it.

“Wait! How is that tooth doing?”

Her tongue wiggled through her smile pushing the baby tooth forward. “Still loose,” she giggled proudly.

“Think it might be ready? Let me see.” She bent down to reach her mouth.  Pinching the baby tooth in her finger tips she wiggled it forward and backwards. 
 “Open your mouth a little bit more for me.”
Her movements loosened the tooth with each movement forward and back.  “Does it hurt?”

Her forehead wrinkled and her eyes squinted, “A little.”

“You try,” she requested letting go of the tooth.

Forward, back, forward back, tiny, gentle movements side to side, her little hand wiggled the tooth. “I don’t think it is ready,” she answered looking up to her.

“Let me give it one more wiggle…. Is that OK?  Does it hurt a lot?”

“It’s OK.  You can try,” she said to her with trusting eyes
Forward and back, forward and back … 
her finger tips felt the pop of a roots last effort to hang on. 
The baby tooth dangled from the gum, barely hanging on.  Still not letting go.
Forward, back, forward, back…

“OH MY GOD!!!!!!!






Go Multiply

We had gotten all the tests done. All our paper work was in order and complete. The tile floor looked like all other gray flaked linoleum floors of all the other doctors offices we had been in.

“I wonder what she is going to tell us?”

I moved close to him. My arm rested snugly on his thigh. He softly held my hand channeling support and love. He didn’t know what the doctor would say either.

Getting pregnant was not our problem. Keeping the pregnancies was. Four years of hopeful positive pregnancy tests intertwined with heart wrenching miscarriages had taken away all the happily ever after of this fairytale. The reality of pregnancy was depressingly painful.

“I gave her all the papers, right? She has copies of all the tests. I made sure our doctors office sent it all to them.” I said to him.

My eyes told him he had to say yes, even if he wasn’t really sure.

“Yes. I’m sure she is just looking through them and then she will have an answer for us.” He replied.

The doctor walked into the room. Our attention was hers.

“You need to go multiple,” the doctor said.

Those were her words.

“I can not say you will not have another miscarriage, but there is nothing keeping you to from having kids.”

“Go multiply?” I respond with a questioned smile.

“That’s right,” the doctor said with a smile.

The muted brown carpet showed us the way out of the office. His hand surrounded mine as we walked to our car.

“She said everything was OK with us.” I said with another need reassurance look.

“Yes! Everything is OK with us.”

“She said it could happen again.” I said desperately needing to know what he thought.
“I do not know how much more I can take.” He replied.

My heart sank. His pain became mine too. His eyes said it all. Years of watching me, being there for me and holding me were taking its toll on him. It pained him to go through this, to see me go though it. All I wanted was to be a mother. How much more could I endure? How much more could we endure?
“So what should we do?” I said.

“Well… lets go practice.” He answered with a smirk and a one shoulder shrug.

…and that is just what we did!

Note:We now have two beautiful girls ages 6 and 4.

This Post was inspired bythis weeks Just.Be.Enough theme:
I am writing, posting and linking up to share my voice.
I am doing my part to carry the weight of
confidence and empowerment.
I am sharing the mission of empower and inspire
to remind women, parents and children
that the time has come to celebrate
It’s your turn now…
*Next Weeks Theme:
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The Freaking Truth

It is dark.  Deep breathing from the king sized bed and the end of one of his favorite crime drama movies shouting from the TV tell me it is very late.  The glow of the TV dances as its reflects off the surface of my smart phone. Where do I begin?  All I can do is stand there.  Stand there in the middle of the room…in the dark… by myself.  My hand drops to my side. The slow lose of normal breathing is partnered with a rapid heart beat.  My breathing gets faster.  Slowly it starts to feel as if I am blow up a balloon that do not exist.  
Report due Tuesday. Still need to finish typing it.   
Don’t forget to make sure the check is in Olivia’s back pack.
Report due Thursday too. Another two hours of work.
Don’t forget to make sure everyone is there.    
Don’t forget to call Olivia’s teacher to touch base.  
Post due Wednesday.  
What was I thinking.  
Don’t forget to make sure everything is in place for Tuesday’s lesson.   
Don’t forget to tell hubby about window guy.   
Post due Wednesday.
Try to watch a movie on night this week with husband.
Tomorrow is bath night for the girls. 
Have to remember so make lunches for them on Turesday night.
Post due Wednesday…Post due Wednesday…Post due Wednesday… 
My breathing is no longer my own as my heart beat thumps even faster in my chest.  
My thoughts begin to loop.
When will I have time to do it all?  I can make a list. I’ll write it all down. If I can see the due dates maybe I’ll feel better.  I can write the report on Monday night.  Maybe if I work through lunch all week I’ll stay caught up.  I could trade post dates with someone.  How many nights could I stay up late and still be able to get through the week? How am I going to do it all?  I can’t do it all?  I won’t be able to do it all?  There is no way.  Who can do this?
Everything starts to pile on me.  Its weight continues to take the air from my breath. The thought of each unchecked item starts to surround me. What will I do?
Wait just a second… Wait! When is my post due?  

Oh it’s not for two weeks!
It certainly does not happen often, but it has been lately.  The cool, calm, positive, I can handle just about anything… has been freaking out!  In my world I am surrounded by strong, amazing women who navigate motherhood without breaking a sweat and work a forty hour week somewhere in between.  We all think that everyone is so good at it.  Everyone has it all together.  Well we do not and I am pretty certain none of us do at one point or another.  Sometimes we freak out because most of the time we are all just barely keeping it together.  

Take time to talk to your girls friends.  Check in with them.  Talk about your days and share your lives.  You’ll be surprised at how hard it is for all of us.  None of us are alone! 

I am writing, posting and linking up to share my voice.  
I am doing my part to carry the weight of confidence, empowerment and sharing the mission of empower, inspire and remind women, parents and children that the time has come to celebrate themselvesourselvesmyself!
This Just.Be.Enough Post was inspired by
This weeks theme: The Truth*
It’s your turn now… 
 *Next Weeks Theme: 
“Something I do not regret…
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Hats of a Many Sorts

Today we are joined by an unlikely Adventurer. For months my husband has watched, self-lessly supported my newest adventure and has proudly read every post I have written. Today he has decided he wanted to take a turn and lend his voice to the Kindred Adventure! He is throwing his hat into the ring… (Pun…I know. I couldn’t help myself!)

Have you ever realized how many hats you wear in a given day?  It is no wonder why at the end of long work week we are so tired.

Take my wife for example. When she wakes up in the morning, she is my blushing bride, even though it has been 13 years of marriage. She wears the hat of ‘wife.’

Shortly after waking up and wearing the hat of wife, she is off to get ready for work. At that point it is just her and her thoughts. Planning for the day she wears the hat of ‘herself’.
Now it is downstairs to get dressed and do hair for what will certainly be an adventure at work. But before she dawns on the hat of‘ teacher, ‘mentor’ and ‘friend’ she will wear more hats.
Before work she also wears the hat of ‘mother’ as she makes sure her girls have the clothes they need because she will be gone before theywake.
She wears the hat of ‘concerned citizen’ as she drives towork listen to Chicago’s 720 AM.
She wears the hat of  ‘driver’ as she makes her way down the road to where she will once again touch a child’s heart and mind. Once at work,she wears the hat of ’teacher.’
She endures a long day but fruitful day because the hat of a ‘teacher’ is one that she has longed for her entire life. Does that hat fither, I believe it does!
She is on her way home now, wearing the hat of ‘driver’ again enduring lots of traffic and the wonderful world of construction that Illinois highways always provide.
It doesn’t stop there though. Once home, she becomes the Nascar driver that just won the race, taking pictures with crew and dawning anew hat for each of his sponsors. She is ‘mommy,’ ‘loving daughter,’ ‘lovingwife,’ and when the texting starts, ‘a great friend.’
That’s a lot of hats! It is no wonder why she is so tired at the end of the week! That’s when I have to make sure to wear my hat and stand tall as ‘loving husband.’

Ok so… he’s a keeper huh?! And I’m a lucky gal, but I already knew that! 

                                                                        (we might just need to come up
                                                                                             with a nick name for him)

Grandma’s Basement

Darkness at my feet. Heart pounding. Shadows tease me. I’m frozen. My mind Whisper lies. Holding my breath. Dare I? The Light switch is in there. Ruunn for it…

This week Write On Edge invited writers to compose a text–160 
characters–that would either elicit or express fear.

Note to reader: I do not know what terrified me more this moment or writing this post.  Yes I said writing this post.  You would think being the texting, tweeting mad woman I am that 160 characters would be a simple…aheemmm I did. HaHa I was wrong!…I suppose I could have written a fear prompt on writing this prompt!  I can not wait to read the others posts and learn from there writing…I’m taking notes!  

Passionately Optimistic

Its warmth starts in my belly and it rises to make chest. It grabs on tight. My breath is taken away just a bit. The energy inside me streams from my chest, through my shoulders prickles my elbows and tingle out my fingers.

I am passionate about life

I love my life.

I embrace all the good it brings me. 

There is good in everything.  Pain that life delivers can be survived. A bad day… there is always tomorrow to change it. Pain in your heart and anger fueled by jealousy for what I do not have, is healed by time. Money is tight, we will find a way. It will all work out. Not  happy with how something went, look deep, make a decision and use the strength you have to change it.

I am an optimist.

Time will always show you the good, even in the bad.

It will all work out.

My life infuse my days with passion and insist that I see all fantastic things that are in it.  I see life for all the good it has in it. It gives me hope, endless possibilities.  I grab onto life with passion. It gives me energy, zest. 

I am fueled by my passion and by my optimism.


This Just.Be.Enough Post was inspired by the 
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This weeks theme: What Fuels You*
I am writing, posting and linking up to share my voice.  
As a contributor at JustBeEnough.com I am doing 
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remind women, parents and children that 
the time has come to celebrate ourselves… myself!
It’s your turn now… 

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