Serving Cupcakes

Today is Kirsten from The Kir Corner’s birthday.

To help celebrate her birthday I have decided that I am serving cupcakes.

I have two free printables for you celebrating all things Kirsten…. cupcakes, life and friendship.

So please pull up a chair an help yourself to some!!

Download, print, share and then head over to Kirsten’s and wish her a Happy Birthday!!!



DOWNLOAD and PRINT Cupcakes and Friends

DOWNLOAD and PRINT Cupcakes and Life

Did you help yourself to a cupcake?

Now take your cupcake and head out on the interverse and spread your own something sweet.

Lets infuse the interverse with sweet, lovely, fantastic, sprinkly cupcakes!

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2 Replies to “Serving Cupcakes”

  1. Well my beautiful friend, this is the sweetest most amazing gift ever! This is making my heart burst and my eyes well. I wish I could just hug you in person. Because this deserves a hug and a thank you bigger than the sky. I am so incredibly lucky to know you, to call you a friend.

    Love u big!!!!!

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