Stigma Fighters: Especially You


I picked up my phone and checked my Twitter feed.  It was a private message.

“Hmmmmm I wonder who it is?” I thought.

I clicked it open and saw a kind message from a stranger asking me if I could share a message she was trying to spread.  I clicked on the link, wanting to look into it more before I put my name on a tweet for her.  The link took me to her Fund Dreamer site.  This woman, Sara Fader , is campaigning to raise money.  She wanted  her online series  about real people living with mental illness to  become more than just a place to swap stories. She wanted it to be what it was… a community of like-minded individuals. As a 501C3 non-profit organization Stigma Fighters would be able to take the next step in fighting this illness and supporting people that live with it.

I paused.  How did she know about me.  How did she know about my story?  How did she know about my mom? Did she even know about any of it or was she just trying to get her message out and was asking all her followers for help.  Like most of these moments online I wasn’t sure if I should trust that her message was honest or just click delete and get on with my day.

I started to type.

I started to cry.

I started to cry harder.

I knew in that instant that it was time for me to write about her again. So when Sarah asked me to share my story I knew I had to say yes.

Stigma Fighters

Today I am proudly over at Stigma Fighters sharing my story of love to honor my mother, to honor the strength of my family,  to share about my struggle and to give a more powerful voice to those who struggle with mental illness everyday.  I hope you will head over there and let me share my story Especially Love on Stigma Fighters.

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