Bright Ideas #5: Angry Birds Gamification…Bricks, Birds and Green Pigs

Angry Birds: Classroom Gamification

Last quarter my students and I jumped into the world of gamification!Angry Birds Gamification | Classroom Behavior Modification System

Using Super Mario Brothers I developed a classroom “gamified” behavior system.  We had a blast!  Not only was it fun and engaging, I saw improvement in student behaviors and it really changed me and our classroom too (I have more to say about that but that is for another post). After eight weeks, Winter Break and a quarter change I knew it was time for something new (I am not one to stick with one thing for too long…and I like to change things up to meet my students needs).

Second quarter came and we entered the world of Angry Birds…

Like Super Mario, I channelled my best and wittiest Angry Bird knowledge. I dust off my sling shot and studied up on my Angry Bird lingo.

I started by  putting the students into teams (different than Mario when teams were by class period) Team: Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Transformers.   Then I used the themes and premises behind the game to create rules.  Finally, it was time for the the towers!

Two weeks in and students smile as they destroy their team’s tower and reveal dots (that mean rolls of the dice…the real fun part).  As the dice is rolled teammates stand by, watch and cheer as they hope for the much wanted blue bird.

I couldn’t be happier as I watch student skills improve in classes, I hear them cheering each other on (without me telling them to) and knowing that fun is being had while skills are improving, learning is happening and team work is blossoming!

Classroom Gamification: Angry Birds Classroom Behavior System SAMPLE