Join Us For Kids Summer Slam

Earlier this week I shared with you about the Teacher Talk Live session I was part of about preventing the Summer Slide.  An idea that came out of this wonderful time was my daughters and I hosting a Kids Summer Slam a time this summer when kids could come together and share all the super great things they have done and/or learned this summer. After this ah ha moment during the  session I ran the idea past my daughters (probably should have asked them first if they were in), but when I did ask them they yelled, “Do what mommy? With kids? From anywhere? YES! Mommy!  We want to!.”  Once I knew they were in we sat down, picked a date and time and I started to bring it all together.  With final approval and total excitement from my 8 and 9 year old girls we decided Friday August 7th at 2pm CST we would be when we would be hosting a Kids Summer Slam.

Be Part of the Kids Summer Slam

If your child(ren) (and you) are interested in being part of this Summer awesomeness share out or even if you are just interested in getting more information on the Kids Summer Slam click here and fill out this super short form. After you complete the form and we get closer to the date, my daughters and I will be sending you more information about the event.

Don’t miss this super fun chance for your kid(s)  to connect and share their awesome with other kids! We hope we will see you there…and HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!!!!

Presenting.Connecting.Learning…ICE 2014


Last Wednesday I had to opportunity to present at a half day session at the Illinois Computing Educators Conference (#ICE14) in St. Charles, Illinois.  Myself and two of my talented and amazing educator Jen Smith and Jenna Hacker presented a session on How to Speak the Twitter.

How To Speak The Twitter #ICE14 Session

 It was a session we had presented before.  The difference this time…we were at ICE and it was a two and a half hour session.  Presenting with them at this session was so much more then I had expected it to be.  I knew this year I wanted to hone my voice and style as a presenter.  Little did I know that this session would help me redefine and strengthen the voice I share with others, help me discover a new passion I have for being a teacher and teach me what I want to bring and give people who come to my sessions.