The Women In My Life

A few weeks ago my husband was out of town for work.  Not a huge deal…well it does mean I do it all alone.  When he is out of town, I am in responsible for morning wake up, breakfast, getting my girls ready for school, getting myself to work just on time, working a full day, picking my girls up, taking them to their activities, dinner, showers, bedtime…woooo oye! just that alone makes for one very exhausting week.  If that was not enough fun my oldest decided it would be a great time to get a fever and a horrific chest cold.  Add on missing three and a half days of work to care for her.  I just about lost it!

Then this happened. In between the lack of sleep, all my mommy responsibilities,  ugggg household responsibilities, a sick daughter and juggling work week this happen….a text comes from a friend checking in on me to see how I am handling it all, a friend sends me home with a dinner for that night, my sister shares with me a super awesome dream she went after, a friend helps with morning school drop offs, a friend listens through all my tears about a family problem and  gently and honestly tells me the words I needed to hear.  Through all the crazy, through all the stress, through all of what could have been a very lonely time, I was reminded of how very, very lucky I am to have these amazing women in my life.  I was reminded of the gifts they give and share with me everyday!

The Women In My Life By Carrie Baughcum

Crazy Holiday Fun

Well that was fun!! I don’t know about you but I have a serious love hate relationship with Christmas. This year my procrastinating tendencies caught up with me and honestly I didn’t handle it oh so well. There may have been some anxiety and stress. In the end, as always we I got through it and I was able to look back at it all, laugh, smile and see all the fun we had!!

This is just a glimpse at some of the crazy fun I had!!

The Tale of #FlatLindsay


there were three sisters and a cousin (she’s really much more like a sister then a cousin but technically she was a cousin).  The cousin decided to pack up her coach and with her two boys she headed to the big city!  She was filled with giddy excitement as she traveled west.  Joy began to fill her as she anticipated seeing her wonderful, amazing and  gorgeous cousins and their perfectly adorable children!

When she finally arrived their first day together was filled with hanging out, spending time with each other and catching up.  They had all missed each other so!

Family Photo Fun

On the second day the sisters and the cousin decided that it would be fun to travel to a land of loop-d-loops where children and adults giggle and shrieking with fun!  They were so excited for all the fun that awaited them that day.  When they got to the land of loop-d-loops they decided they would start with a simple ride.  It was sit and watch a movie while your seat wiggles kind of ride. Nothing too big of a thrill, a nice warm up ride…YEAH RIGHT!


On the third day one of the sisters had to leave on a trip of her own.  It was a sad day. Continue reading “The Tale of #FlatLindsay”