It’s Not Fair

“That’s not fair!!!!!”

“It’s not fair Mommy! “

“No I don’t want to.  It’s not fair!”

It has been the phrase of choice for my lovely 9 year old.

The one phrase in the entire repertoire of phrases she could pick from that she knows gets under my skin…it really gets me.

So last weekend as we stood in the kitchen… I reminded her of a chore she needed to do.  As quickly as I could tell her what needed to be done the words burst from her mouth, “IT’S NOT FAIR!!” and this time I looked at her I said, “You know that is not true!  If it was fair…

It's Not Fair

Lost for words she just starred at me.  While I hoped for her usual giggles, this time I got a stomp and a huff as she walked away.  I smiled to myself and then looked up to see who else was in the kitchen with me (I actually was a bit surprised at what had come out of my mouth).  I saw my 7 year old looking at me.  Starring at each other for a moment I smiled again and then……..ohhhhh the laughter!

Giggles, Fun and Christmas Lights

Early this week I shared my new found love for what I have now learned is called #sketchnoting (I personally think it is so much more then a boring name like that.  Don’t worry, I’m working on a new name, prettier and way more creative name for it).  Even with a boring name my love for what I like to think of as writing with intertwined words and drawings continues….

Last weekend my 9 year old asked if we could decorate the outside of the house on Saturday. How could I possibly say no.  So we brought the lights up from the basement and got to work.  It was so much more then I could have expected.
Giggles, Fun and Christmas Lights

The Tale of #FlatLindsay


there were three sisters and a cousin (she’s really much more like a sister then a cousin but technically she was a cousin).  The cousin decided to pack up her coach and with her two boys she headed to the big city!  She was filled with giddy excitement as she traveled west.  Joy began to fill her as she anticipated seeing her wonderful, amazing and  gorgeous cousins and their perfectly adorable children!

When she finally arrived their first day together was filled with hanging out, spending time with each other and catching up.  They had all missed each other so!

Family Photo Fun

On the second day the sisters and the cousin decided that it would be fun to travel to a land of loop-d-loops where children and adults giggle and shrieking with fun!  They were so excited for all the fun that awaited them that day.  When they got to the land of loop-d-loops they decided they would start with a simple ride.  It was sit and watch a movie while your seat wiggles kind of ride. Nothing too big of a thrill, a nice warm up ride…YEAH RIGHT!


On the third day one of the sisters had to leave on a trip of her own.  It was a sad day. Continue reading “The Tale of #FlatLindsay”