MEMEday Week 9

It has been a few weeks too long since a meme took up space here.  Today’s memes are inspired by a family…a mother and daughter.  Last week Jenna shared a post at Made More Beautiful… she was So Done and I was so incredibly proud and happy for my friend and the 366 days she endured to be legally separated.  It inspired a meme for her I have been meaning to introduce for months… Christian Bale.  I can not wait to see what day 367 and beyond hold for her!   Last week Jenna’s daughter Grace also shared a post on Made More Beautiful: Anxiety Defeated.  I was incredibly moved by this 7th graders powerful voice and her ability to use words to create a vision of anxiety and the battle so many face with it.  So today I present you with two brand spanking new memes.  Two memes that I am certain will be here to stay!  (Please excuse the swear word in one of the memes.  Frankly, I could not think of a better and more meaningful word to make my point.)

MEMEday Week #7

I LOVE MEMEs! If you have been here and visited enough you know that.  MEMEs come to me from all parts of life.  I get them from twitter, my kids, my husband my friends… no ones life is inspirationally off limits.  So one would think with everything going on in my life MEME inspiration would be everywhere.  One would be wrong.  I have had a bit of a MEME dry spell lately.  So this week I had to look hard for the fun and funny things in my life that would inspire me for MEMEday.

The Prattling Pineapple makes a come back this week.  Her philosophical constant narration of her thoughts have been a little off this week, but ride in a car with her when a VW bug drives by and watch out…

Sometimes it really slays me what goes through the minds of men…

Donnie makes a come back here for a Dear Abby…

Happy Monday everyone!

May the words you use be my inspiration… he he he!

and your TO DO lists be completed!

MEMEday Week #6

I first saw this adorable fruit on Stasha’s Instagram (@northwestmommy) feed. The second time I saw the sassy, fun fruit I knew I had to beg and pretty please my way to getting a copy of it.  Stasha (like she always does) was happy to share.  I have never hidden my admiration for Stasha.  She is one of the most talented photographers I know and she has a heart as beautiful as her artistic photographers eye…in other words I adore her and am left in awwww of her talent daily.  Oh yeah, I also have a major crush on her dog!  Don’t know Stasha?  This post I wrote about her will bring you up to speed: Stasha and Her Perspective.

Today this shaded produce is the newest member of my MEMEday line up.  I couldn’t think of a better little fruit to lend its voice to this MEME then my own peanut Francine.  My 5 year old PRATTLING kindergartener inherited my gift for gab.  Well to be quite honest with you the poor child has inherited my ability to talk continueously with out taking a breath. That coupled with her affection for pure stream on conscious narration of her thoughts makes for some incredibly interesting car rides.  So today I am introducing to you the PRATTLING PINEAPPLE… a stream of conscious, non-stop talking, back seat driving, unfiltered narrator of life!

If you have a moment be sure to check out Stasha’s work at: Stash B. Photography, visit her blog (her Listicles are a hoot), or follow her on her Instagram @Northwestmommy

MEMEday Week #5

Happy Tuesday!  Wednesday!  I am a day two days late with MEMEday, but that is just how life is right now.  I continue to happily be on the receiving end of an abundance of ideas.  unfortunately an insanely busy schedule and no ability to stay up past 9 freckin 30 at night to write has left me no time to create.  So as the MEME ideas flow through my head in the shower, during the car ride to work, in the middle of the night, during tweeting or even instagraming I am trying to capture them and write them down.  Saving them for the right time to be created and shared.

This weeks first inspiration comes from Alex (@l8enough).  Yes, she is back again for MEMEday Week #5.  I can’t help it.  The woman is seriously funny.  She can string words together to make me snort and laugh so loud my children give me odd looks and wonder if mommy is ok.  Upon falling in love with a meme I made of one of Alex’s tweets* she DM’d me last week to ask me a question.  Those DMs lead to this twitter conversation…I have to tell you (I may be giving away Alex‘s secrets here) but there is something else I have discovered about Alex… she is amazing.  Not amazing like super woman (well that’s a possibility) amazing like behind that sassy punk red streak there is a woman with fierce integrity, high standards and great respect for others… and she is a great secret keeper, good listener and it takes a lot for her to think your crazy (and I dished her a good slice of crazy, neuroticnesss).

Two weeks ago as part of my BAZINGA MEME fest I asked my reader for BAZINGA inspiration with promises that if I liked them I would create a them inspired BAZINGA MEME….

Inspired by Abby

Inspired by Kate

To finish off this weeks MEMEday I can not help but wish Abby, one of my most favorite I absolutely adore tweets.  Scratch that… she is not just a tweet she is a dear, close to my heart, I wish she lived next store we’d drink coffee together each morning and chat over wine at night kind of friends Abby from or @thatgabbyabby

 *Alex was not reimbursed, compensated, payed, given chocolate or free deodorant for saying she loved my MEME of her tweet.  Her opinion was purely made up.