12 Days of Joy: Day 5


For the last few weeks I have struggled to find balance between writing and drawing.  I often only have time for one, but I love both.   I absolutely love that I have both of them as creative outlets.  Today I bring you Moose.  Throw in a holiday cupcake and some bubbles and…well…so much fun!!!


2012-12-18 00_49_20


12 Days of Joy: Day 2 Inspiration


Kirsten Piccini of The Kir Corner is nothing new to this space.  I have talked about her often here.  Now if you told Kirsten that she was inspiring… no not inspiring… I would go so far as to call her my muse… she would smile (I imagine she would and share  huge pearly white make you have to smile too smile) and politely say, “Oh, Laverne it isn’t me that is inspiring it is you sweetie!”  Regardless of what she thinks, she inspires my quite frequently.  Someone who inspires me this often can only rightfully be described as my muse.

Which brings us all to her latest inspiration…

Kirsten had been going through a rough patch in November.  Painful life events, coupled with the changing seasons and some other things had left her sad.  I think it is something we all can relate to.  I know I can.  I had noticed in November the absence of her make you smile, then giggle, then cry posts (what!  a lot of her posts make me cry happy tears).  I also noticed that her fantastically written stories that took me to another place and left me lost in a world of romance, passion and emotion posts had been fewer.  Now the average reader may not suspect any change.   I likened it to the bustle of the holidays, working full time and being a mom/wife.  It often leaves very little time for blogging.  So when Kirsten shared her post on Facebook it not only made sense to me, but it  also inspired me!

You see wrapped up in the words of her Facebook post were also simple words about being deeply grateful for some of the things in her life.  As I read the post I was instantly moved to want to flood her with gratitude and joy.  Actually, I wanted to get in my car, drive out East, knock on her door, give her a huge hug and cry until it was all better.  Well, that wasn’t going to happen so I decided I was going to do a link up and we would all share our joy and show everyone that when we all look at life have a lot of good in it.  I was going to smother the blogosphere with happiness.

Note: When you have an idea to bring together tens of bloggers for a link up in December best not to have the idea 3 days before December… doesn’t work so well for planning and getting others on board.  Also, not the best idea to be overly ambitiously when planning.  For example,  aiming to post for 30 days in a row while working full time, spending time with my family and then thinking I was going to run a blog link up and promote it all.  I just going to go on pretending  that my ambitiousness is cute… but seriously what the HECK was I thinking.

So yesterday I began.  Little old me.  All by myself.  No link up.  No big promoting.  No 30 days.  Just me and my 12 days.  12 Days of Joy that I will share with whoever visits this space.  12 days of noticing the little things in my life.  12 days of noticing the little things we do everyday that we miss but when you really stop and notice bring you joy.  Most of all I will share my 12 days of joy for a friend I adore and who’s happiness and heart warms my life.  I will share because she reminded me how important it is to look and find joy in our lives!