MEMEday Week #8

Boy do I love MEME inspiration.

Today I have more from the Prattling Pineapple and another visit from Ryan.

My sister took Francine and Olivia out to celebrate Olivia’s 7th birthday.  The texts that came to me while they were eating dinner and filling up on a brownie dolloped with vanilla ice cream were pure Prattling Pineapple… my very own 6 year old stream of conscious, non-stop talking, unfiltered narrator of life!

This Hey girl is inspired by my fantastically beautiful friend Kim over at Rubber Chicken Madness.  The girl has entered the on-line dating world (she’s amazing…and oh the stories).  In between holding my nose to prevent myself from snorting coffee I am also moved by the passion, strength and ability to stay true to herself that she possesses.

Can’t a girl find a guy?!

MEMEday Week #5

Happy Tuesday!  Wednesday!  I am a day two days late with MEMEday, but that is just how life is right now.  I continue to happily be on the receiving end of an abundance of ideas.  unfortunately an insanely busy schedule and no ability to stay up past 9 freckin 30 at night to write has left me no time to create.  So as the MEME ideas flow through my head in the shower, during the car ride to work, in the middle of the night, during tweeting or even instagraming I am trying to capture them and write them down.  Saving them for the right time to be created and shared.

This weeks first inspiration comes from Alex (@l8enough).  Yes, she is back again for MEMEday Week #5.  I can’t help it.  The woman is seriously funny.  She can string words together to make me snort and laugh so loud my children give me odd looks and wonder if mommy is ok.  Upon falling in love with a meme I made of one of Alex’s tweets* she DM’d me last week to ask me a question.  Those DMs lead to this twitter conversation…I have to tell you (I may be giving away Alex‘s secrets here) but there is something else I have discovered about Alex… she is amazing.  Not amazing like super woman (well that’s a possibility) amazing like behind that sassy punk red streak there is a woman with fierce integrity, high standards and great respect for others… and she is a great secret keeper, good listener and it takes a lot for her to think your crazy (and I dished her a good slice of crazy, neuroticnesss).

Two weeks ago as part of my BAZINGA MEME fest I asked my reader for BAZINGA inspiration with promises that if I liked them I would create a them inspired BAZINGA MEME….

Inspired by Abby

Inspired by Kate

To finish off this weeks MEMEday I can not help but wish Abby, one of my most favorite I absolutely adore tweets.  Scratch that… she is not just a tweet she is a dear, close to my heart, I wish she lived next store we’d drink coffee together each morning and chat over wine at night kind of friends Abby from or @thatgabbyabby

 *Alex was not reimbursed, compensated, payed, given chocolate or free deodorant for saying she loved my MEME of her tweet.  Her opinion was purely made up.

MEMEday Week #4

Life is such a whirl-wind.  No one warned me that when we decided to sign our two daughters up for fall soccer my life would go from manageable to tornado whirling , life energy sucking, absolutely no time for my self chaos.  Well Shirley told me, but she told me this weekend… thanks for the heads up.  Working full time and now the addition of four lovely days a week of soccer has left me no time to work out (I miss running and feeling fit soooooo much) and no time to blog. Unless you consider falling asleep at the computer and your forehead hitting the keyboard writing a post blogging then I write a post every night.  Until that counts my tired butt can’t manage to stay up past ten.   In the past couple weeks (besides being exhausted)… no last month or so I have slowly been compiling MEME ideas.  Ideas float around in my head stored until they are plucked, created and then released.

Some of my ideas have been inspired by my daughter…. Like this one  my father took this of her at a children’s museum.   I could not wait to work my magic on it and make it something more beautiful.

This sketch I drew.  Inspired by @coffeelovinmom and a tweet she sent out.  I can’t wait to share it with her….

This Twitter inspired MEME inspired by @L8enough

This MEME I already put out there for my lovely friend Sunday (@xtremeparnthood) on her anniversary.  I had to share it again!

and this gorgeous man (one of my most favorite MEME subjects) with an ode to my week…

as we enter a new week…one that already is looking more manageable then the last…

Happy New Week!

MEMEday Week #3

I am seriously obsessed with the Big Bang Theory.

It has even gotten to the point that when I turn the point that when I turn on an episode to watch I hear my six year old sigh and say, “Oh mom not again!”

I seriously can not help myself.  I can not remember the last TV show that caused me to laugh out loud more then once per episode.  I find myself thoroughly excited to see what story plots and lines this quarky, incredibly talented and absolute comic genius writers will think of next.

…and then I continue to watch and happily laugh out loud!

As I watch my most favorite laugh out loud make me snort TV show I could not help but be inspired by Sheldon Cooper and his famous BAZINGA.  By inspired I mean it is meme a time and this weeks memes are all things BAZINGA!

In case you are not familiar with the Sheldon Cooper BAZINGA here is a clip that will catch you up…




Do you have an idea for a BAZINGA too?

I’d love to hear it!

Leave your BAZINGA in the comments section and

if it meets Sheldon Coopers standards for BAZINGAness

I’ll share it in BAZINGA meme next week!

(and that’s no BAZINGA)







MEMEday Week#2

I went to a book club. It was my very first ever.  It was so much fun and I got to meet some fantastic woman and the book was great too (bonus). Like a giddy little 5 year old excited for their first play date with a new friend…. ok, giddy like I get (did I just compare myself to a 5 year old). Ok I was giddy for my first ever, first all time book club meeting.

I logged into the book club. How cool is that? Not only was it my first book club, it was also vertual. Seventy woman from all over the United States and some from other countries reading the same book came to talk about it. I was ready. I had read the book. Ok ,I hadn’t quite finished all of it but I read enough of it to be an intelligent participant.

“OMG I love NKOTB.”

“Yes, they were so hot.”

“Oh, can you imagine them shirtless!!”

“I saw them in concert.”

“You did not!”

{Flowed through the Chat Box}

I came to book club and fans of shirtless NKOTB showed up!

and then this happen… “Laverne you know that means we need a book club NKOTB meme! Being that it was Abby that asked. Being that I adore her. Being that she is one of my most favorite blogging and tweets in the whole wide interneting universe. Being that I have a slight problem infatuation with memes… I said YES!!!!!!

I would also like to give a very special, from the bottom of I now know more then I ever thought I needed to ever in the whole wide world about NKOTB, thanks to Abby for spreading her love affair, crush love for all things NKOTB and Donnie Wahlberg with me this week all because I went to Book Club and …

My life will never be the same…. Oh Lordy!!!!

MEMEday: Week 1

Today starts the very firstEach Sunday I am sharing one of the many memes I love to create!  Who knows where the inspiration will come from or what the topic will be. I only know that it will be fun…and what else is a girl who is inspired by words, loves to create and adores making memes supposed to do?!   So with out more babbling and rambling I give you Sunday MEMEday Week 1!.

. . . . . .

The other night Amy from Accidential Musings tweeted…

Suddenly my thoughts were instantly taken to…

Actually no…first I replied to Amy’s tweet…

then I was taken to my summers as a child…


Living in Florida meant having a pool in our backyard (most of our street did). Having a pool meant spend almost everyday running around in our bath suits, from breakfast to dinner. My sisters and splashed and swam in the pool. Everyday of summer was like this. We swam, we jumped off the diving board, we rode bikes, we floated, we played tag, we had carefree, no worries, wonderful childhood fun. Then this happened…

I loved that movie. I loved the entire thing about it… awful fake shark and all!!
I loved it until in had to get back in the swimming pool. Suddenly my thoughts were no longer so carefree. My mind wandered and played tricks on me. It whispered things that would bring pause to my stroke as suddenly a vision of Jaws entered my head (don’t even get me started on the mind games the movie played on my head when we went to the beach).


Eventually Jaws 2 came out. Even more campy then the first, but what can I say I’m a sucker for a terrible fake shark, an island small town and Sheriff Brody.

And as the thoughts of killer sharks messed with my mind the genius movie makers decided that just two Jaws movies were not enough. How about three? And this time lets make it 3D!

So when Amy ranted (I love when she rants and I love teasing her even more) …

I really could not agree with her more!