Moose and His Super Powered Coffee

It has been quite some time…too long… since I picked up my stylist and drew.

So when I stared into my coffee mug the other day and this fun piece charged my creative juices…

I knew it was time to dust off my stylist!

I give you one coffee drinking, caffeine charged, super powered Moose…

Coffee Meets Moose...Super Powers Activated


Kiss a Moose…

I am having just so much fun drawing this guy.  I call him Moose.  As much as I love… I mean LOVE naming things and want to give him a fantastically, hilariously, goofy name…Moose seems just perfect.  Today Moose has gotten into the cupcakes.  The only way to save those sweet treats is to give up a kiss!

2012-12-20 02_42_03

12 Days of Joy: Day 5


For the last few weeks I have struggled to find balance between writing and drawing.  I often only have time for one, but I love both.   I absolutely love that I have both of them as creative outlets.  Today I bring you Moose.  Throw in a holiday cupcake and some bubbles and…well…so much fun!!!


2012-12-18 00_49_20