In The Morning…An Original Stop Motion Film By Olivia

“Mom watch this!!!” Olivia giggled.

She propped her iPod up on book so she could see the screen while she danced and sang along with the video.

“Mom watch! I’m dancing…isn’t it the cutest.  It’s so fun!”

“Uuuuuhuuuuuu, that’s nice Olivia,” I answered looking back at my computer screen (note to reader…it was like the bazzillionth time I’d heard /watched the beloved video)

“Mom watch! There just so fun!  Look at me dance just like them!”

“Olivia, how many times have you watched that JibJab?”

“I don’t know?!” she smiled and hit the play button again.

The singing, dancing, watch me momma seemed to go on over and over again.

I sighed secretly inside.  “Really!” I thought, “How many times do I have to listen to this? Do I let it go on? Do I stop it?  She does like the videos? How many times can one human being watch the same video over and over and over again?!”

I took a deep breath and breathed out trying to to summon an idea.  I turned from my computer at the kitchen table and said to her,” Oliviaaaaaaa, sweetieeeeeeeee,” I smiled big “You’ve watched that movie over and over again.  It’s been like a million times!”

“But I like it momma,” she smiled back innocently.

I kept smiling back at her, waiting for an idea, a thought, something I could say to kindly get her to stop watching the clip without letting her know how much it was truly driving me crazy (although I had some small inkling that she did know that already).

“What if instead of watching the clip and coping it,  you made your own clip to watch.  What if you made your own movie!  A movie you could watch, a movie others could watch too!” I encouraged. “I know this art teacher Ms.Fugelsted and she does all kinds of awesome movies and art with her students.  We could go to her website and learn how you can make some of your own!

She smiled back at me with a look of excitement and interest….her creativity, ideas and story gears were already turning.

Before we could dive into ways she was going to create her very own movie it was dinner time and once dinner time over that meant shower time.

Our post dinner and shower routine unexpectedly found Francine, Olivia and me in the toy room.  Francine really wanted the veterinarian Lego set  but she didn’t have the money to buy it….so she decided to use the pieces she already had and we would build it ourselves.  As Francine and I picked through a bucket of legos we picked out just the right pieces to put together her veterinarian hospital.  Olivia sat at the Lego table playing with her barn and two of her Lego friends.

Lego Search

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Olivia’s World #2: A Pet, A New Friend and Being Good To The Earth

Olivia's World

Story #1: The New Pet

Once upon a time there was a girl named Ginger.  Ginger always asked and asked her mom and dad when they were going to get a pet.  Until finally her mom and dad said that she could get a pet.  But what kind do you want?-asked Ginger’s mother.  A puppy!-yelled Ginger.  I will do anything you say to get a puppy.  But-said her mother.  I just want you to know that having a pet is a big responsibility.  I can do the big responsibility-said Ginger.  So the next day Ginger and her mom went to the pet store called Petco.  Ginger got the puppy using all of her money.  Ginger cared so much for her puppy until it was a dog.  The dog was named Lucky.  Ginger had the best day ever.

Story #2: The New Girl

Once upon a time there was a girl named Twinkle.  Twinkle lived in Mexico where she had so much fun and did the things she was supposed to do at school.  At  playtime she always played with her friends Reynoso, Justin and Famosa.  But one day that all was about to change when one day Twinkle’s dad said that they were moving to Bartlett.  The next day Twinkle’s hole family went to Bartlett.  Twinkle did’t do anything she was supposed to be doing and outside she did’t  make any new friends.  Twinkle felt homesick and wasn’t having any fun.  The next day outside at playtime Twinkle saw a girl that looked like a nice girl to be a friend.  Hello I am Twinkle-said Twinkle.  Twinkle is that you!?-said the girl.  Who are you?-asked Twinkle.  It’s me Reynoso-said the girl.  Reynoso?-asked Twinkle.  The girl nodded.  Twinkle and Reynoso played a little.  Then stopped.  I wish Justin and Famosa were here-said Twinkle.  Stay right here-said Reynoso.  Reynoso came back running.  I found them!-yelled Reynoso.  Justin! Famosa!-yelled Twinkle.  They all gave each other all big hugs.  Then agreed that every day they would play together at the playground.  But if they ever moved again they leaned there lesson.

Story #3: The Friends That Were Good to The Earth

Once upon a time there were 2 friends 1 named Frogalina and 1 named Famosa.  Frogalina liked to plant plants and Famosa liked to pick up stuff that are dirty and put it in the garbage can and put the clean garbage in the recycling bin.  One day Frogalina was walking down the street when she saw a tree cut down.  But she planted a new one.  One day Famosa was walking down the street when she saw garbage on the street.  But good thing there was a garbage can and a recycling bin.  Famosa piked up all the dirty garbage and put it in the garbage can and put all the clean garbage in the recycling bin.  And that’s how the 2 friends were good to the earth.


Mommy Disclaimer….  Olivia is my 7 year old daughter.  She began writing here so she could share her voice too.  All the words, the ideas and the typing… the entire story was done totally and completely by Olivia.   I only helped with spelling and Photoshopping the drawings and pictures she draws.  By writing these story Olivia hopes to inspire other kids to create, be kind to each other and share their words and stories too!

Olivia World Writes

Olivia’s World #1: The Stair Stomping Monster


Once upon a time there was a Stair Stomping Monster named Mimia and she was nice, kind and helped people if anyone needs help.  She was special at all kinds of things.  Mimia likes her city.  Mimias city is called Stair Stomping Ville.  Even though Mimia lives in a city where all other Stair Stomping Monsters live she is different.  Shes different because all the monsters in Stair Stomping Ville stomp but Mimia does not, Mimia uses her words when she is happy, sad or mad.

One day Mimia saw a little girl that was 4 years old and holding a tiny doll that was clean, had soft fur and had braids that had been tied with bows that are the color red.  And the owner of the doll looked sad.  Mimia knew it because she was crying.

“ Well she does not look graceful like me,” said Mimia.

Mimia ran out to catch her.

“What is your name and why are you sad and crying? “  Asks Mimia sadly knowing now she was sad as the little girl said her name Caroline.

Mimia said how to be happy and now they are friends.

The end.


Mommy Disclaimer….  Olivia is my 7 year old daughter.  She began writing here so she could share her voice too.  All the words, the ideas and the typing… the entire story was done totally and completely by Olivia.   I only helped with formatting, spelling and with Photoshopping the drawing.  By writing this story Olivia hopes to inspire other kids to learn their manners, help a lot and be nice and kind!

Introducing Olivia’s World

“Mommy I left something for you on your bed, ” Olivia tells me.

“Ooooohhhh OK,” I reply rinsing the dishes.

After washing the dishes, putting a load of laundry in the washer,  folding a couple of baskets, making lunch…well you know how it goes. I finally made my way upstairs to read this mysterious “note”.  When I got to my bedroom I saw her journal lying on my bed.

“Hhhmmmmm I thought.  I found the page marker and open it to this…


The “note” was a not surprising to me.  I have known for a while that the social part of school has not been Olivia’s strength.  She lives by her own beat, has a quarky fantastical imagination, is stubborn, shy and has kind of a take me for who I am or leave it attitude.  It is the perfect combination of a blessing and a curse.  So while the note did not surprise me it did make me sad.  I realize that I am her mom, but I have for a very long time thought that Olivia has the most fantastic imagination and an incredible talent for using her drawings and words to bring her imagination to life.

“OOOOLLLLIIVVVAAAAAA come here!” I yelled to her from my room.


“Hummmfff she came without arguing,” I thought. “That’s nothing short of a miracle.”

“Yes Mommy.”

I took her straight in the eye, forcing her to look back at me.

“Do you know how amazing you are?  Do you know what a fantastic writer and drawer you are?  What you write… it is something very special!.  Do you know this sweetie.  You are VERY talented!”

I pause and we just gaze at each other.  Then like the light bulb appearing above the cartoon characters head, I knew what I had to do.

“Olivia I want you to start writing with me on Mommy’s blog.  You are an amazing writer and I want you to see that your words are important and special!”

“Really Mommy!!!!”

“Yes really!!!”

. . . . . . .

I hope that you will stop back tomorrow when Olivia and

I share her first post.  I am one excited momma!





Meet My Muses and Fred too

“Mommy come color with me,” Francine asks after dinner.

“I’m sorry sweetie mommy has tons of chores I need to do.  You can color and I’ll come when I am done.”

I turn to see an understandably frowny, disappointed face.  My hands reach for the sponge and the next plate that needs to be washed.  The kitchen is suddenly silent.

“Mommy what can I do to help you finish your chores faster?” Francine inquires

After lifting myself off the floor in shock…

I turn to Francine and smile, “Really, you want to help Mommy?!”

“Yes, Mommy,” she smiles and says in the sweetest and most sincere five year old voice.

“OOOOOkaaaay.  You can start by helping make the lunches.”

As I rinse the last dishes, move on to the load of laundry that needs to be washed and the other one that needs to be folded Francine puts pretzels into sandwich bags.  I send out reminders of what to do next from the laundry room.  I pick up my pace, working faster to get these chores done so I could sit and color with her.

With time left to spare and a couple of chores left for later, because seriously how can I possibly let down a little girl down who is willing to help Mommy with chores.  It was time to color!

I still never know what is going to happen when I craft or color with my girls.  I am constantly inspired by them and blown away by their imaginations.  This night at the table was no different.  After taping together and coloring two cardboard toilet paper rolls and a paper towel roll (don’t ask… she’s five… it’s her vision. I don’t ask)  we did some free drawing.  After doodling a bit the pink crayon called for me.  My mind took me back to a note I had made for myself months ago.  My hand faught me.  I had never been any good at drawing with crayons.  Before I know it the crayon is in hand, obeying my movement and Fred was born.Fred1

 Fred has dreams…big pink accessorized, leotard and legwarmer dreams.  Dreams of toes pointed, tutus and twirls and pirouettes…


. . . . .

My daughters inspiration does not end here…

I seriously can not tell you how incredibly..oozing with excited I am for the coming weeks.  My daughters… Olivia 7 and Francine 6 are going to start joining me here!   They are going to take their picture, drawings, stories and life experiences and start to share their words here too!

I can hardly stand the wait… the wait for Olivia to share her words with you.  Her  illustrations will take  you to fantastically magical worlds that intertwine her life’s experiences with creatures, superheros and magical worlds of her imagination.

You can even follow all things Olivia on
Twitter by following the hashtag #OliviasWorld

Francine is also excited to share.   A little of this, a lot of that and who knows what else?!   She loves to help me cook and bake, but dislikes almost everything she helps me make. She can even show you which exact tooth is her sweet tooth.  She is colorful, crafty and is always looking for the next thing to make out of anything she can find.  I really never know what fantastically crafty, imaginative creation she will cook up.

You can follow Francine on
Twitter by following the hashtag #FrancineCooks

Creativity is oozzing!  We have so much more to share!