The Tale of #FlatLindsay


there were three sisters and a cousin (she’s really much more like a sister then a cousin but technically she was a cousin).  The cousin decided to pack up her coach and with her two boys she headed to the big city!  She was filled with giddy excitement as she traveled west.  Joy began to fill her as she anticipated seeing her wonderful, amazing and  gorgeous cousins and their perfectly adorable children!

When she finally arrived their first day together was filled with hanging out, spending time with each other and catching up.  They had all missed each other so!

Family Photo Fun

On the second day the sisters and the cousin decided that it would be fun to travel to a land of loop-d-loops where children and adults giggle and shrieking with fun!  They were so excited for all the fun that awaited them that day.  When they got to the land of loop-d-loops they decided they would start with a simple ride.  It was sit and watch a movie while your seat wiggles kind of ride. Nothing too big of a thrill, a nice warm up ride…YEAH RIGHT!


On the third day one of the sisters had to leave on a trip of her own.  It was a sad day.  The youngest of the three sisters and her prince would be traveling to a far away place filled with glistening waters and rainbow iced drinks.  She was happy to be going with her prince but so saddened that her time with her beloved sisters and her amazing cousin were coming to an end.  She hugged and kissed her sisters and cousin good-bye.  Her heart still saddened by the thought of missing the rest of the time her sisters and cousin would be spending together while she was away.

That night as the youngest sister closed her eyes and tried to sleep. Her excitement for her trip and sadness for leaving her beloved, beautiful sisters and wonderful cousins swirled and twirled and swirled inside of her until her sadness took over her.

A single tear drop ran down her cheek.

“Sighhhh I wish I didn’t have to leave my incredible sisters and beautiful cousin,” she whispered to herself.

The next day the littlest sister packed up her family and she and her prince began their trip.  Mean while just across town a magical little girl with shinny brown hair in an adorable flowered dress with mitten hands suddenly appeared at the oldest sisters house.

“Hi,” the oldest sister said to the flat little girl.

“Hi,” the little girl giggled back, “I’m Flat Lindsay!”

“Oh my,” the oldest sister smiled, “ Are you here to join us on our adventures?”

“Why yes!  Lindsay wished that she didn’t have to miss all the wonderful adventures you and her fantastically beautiful cousin would be having together. POOF!  I was created!”

The cousin and the two sisters enjoyed the rest of their days together.  They visited a candy store.  Flat Lindsay really loved that place.  It was thin just like her and her mitten hands are perfect for eating candy.

Wheaton Candy Shop

They spent time romping and playing at the spray park.  Flat Lindsay loved this place too.  Ohhhh just to lay and float on the water.  It was ever so relaxing!


They all spent time laughing,  giggling, sharing stories and meals. It was ever so ever so ever fun!



…and when their time was over they spent one final moment the…the families.  A Moment of fun and silly and one that Flat Lindsay would never forget!


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