Talking to Strangers: BlogHer 2013 A Four Part Series Because Just One Post Wouldn’t Do

TalkingToStrangersI’ve been talking to strangers for a long time here. It is no mystery to me the impact people I have met in this space and in social media have had on my life….treasured and unforgettable. On Wednesday July 24th2013 I headed to the largest blogging conference in the world. Suddenly many of the strangers that are friends would suddenly become real people (they’ve always been real people…now they’d be here in front of me in the flesh), in real life. Suddenly, I would be surrounded by other bloggers I know from their twitter or Facebook picture or from a post I read in passing. Suddenly, I would be surrounded by a whole heck of a lot of strangers! In real life stranger!

I have struggled to write my recap of BlogHer…hello it’s been three days…five days…oh my lawrdy too many days and I had nothing. Sure I had plenty of ideas floating around in my head but I could not come up with a way to tell you about it all without a long, very long, very very long post that was certain to leave you…zzzzz. So while I brainstormed and wrote rough drafts of my post (aka chat on twitter, catch up on others on Facebook, heart other fun fabulous pics on Instagram) I was suddenly inspired. Who said my recap had to be just one post? Did it have to be a recap? Did it have to be just one post and then a wise friend’s words found me…”because I’m the boss that’s why” and well because I do thing better when I do things my way!

Starting next Tuesday and then every Tuesday for the next three weeks I will be Talking to Strangers Laverne style…

Tuesday #1: Discovering A New Inner Beauty

Tuesday #2: A Table of One

Tuesday #3: A Cat, A Dog, A Pitch… Oh My

Tuesday #4: Random Shtuff I Learned

I hope you will join me the next four Tuesdays to hear the story behind each Talking to Strangers moment at BlogHer 2013!


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