Talking To Strangers

I have been truly blessed by the people I have met blogging and tweeting.  If you’ve known me long enough you know that when I first started blogging I was certain I was going to get stalked or my kids would get kidnapped if I shared too much about the real me.  I was also never in my wildest dreams would have imagined the wonderful friendships that would be formed.


Here are the strangers she has talked about…

It started with Amy and Her #Sixthings.

Then it was Kir and Her Cupcakes.

The Momalog inspired a TV Coma

Minky {Moo}’s took her turn with her Instagram

Rubber Chicken Madness’s  has shared with her nuggets

Leila from Don’t Speak Whinese had a complaint letter filed against her

Kelly from Mom Got Blog’s was told her what she didn’t know

Elena’s from CiaoMom was shown just how far her amazingness extends

Brandi from Brandi Girl Blog shared with you her beauty that extends far beyond the colors she uses!

Stasha from Northwest Mommy was given a bit of Laverne’s perspective.

Sunday from Extremeparenthood was asked Does She Know?

Abby of AbbyGabs gave me a key that unlocked an amazingness inside of me

Meredith of theMeredithSinclair inspired me and left a with consistent “I will not try vlogging. I will not try vlogging“…damn you!

Mel of According to Mags 57 Flavors of Amazingness inspired me to be confident in who I am, my voice and taking that step to trying and doing new things


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