TeachCow.com…Here I Come!

Being an educator and being a mom are two of the things in life I am most passionate about. Each day I work hard to be the very best I can at both of them. They are also the two parts of my life that I seek out others for information, connections and support.  For a long while now it has been a goal of mine to share more resources for parents in this space. Actually, I think I have an image and a draft post written for a parents and technology post series I wanted to start here and that eight month old introduction post still sitting in my draft file. So when Oscar Staton of TeachCow.com (home of Teachers Talk Live and Goin’ Digital podcasts and a personal learning network for sharing ideas and best practices among educators)  asked me if I wanted to join his team and start a parent channel on his site I knew it was something I wanted to do (for now I will be writing for the site with hopes to turn it into a podcast in the future).  I could hardly wait to share this news and to tell you that I am now the writer of the TeachCow.com Parent Zone blog. Our goal is to provide educational resources parents can pick up and take with them and to create a place where parents can connect and learn from other parents and educators…because together we are capable of anything!  I am just giddy excited to be able to share tools and resources with other parents and hopefully provide them with knowledge that will empower them.  Most of all I am so excited to see where this fantastic new adventure will take me.


If you are a parent… I would love LOVE your input and feedback. What types of educational tips, information, technology, tools and/or resources do you want to hear and learn more about? If you are an educator…what type of information, tips, technology and/or resources do you think parents are looking for or would like to know more about? I would love to hear your thoughts!

I hope you will also take a ride over to teachcow.com and see my first post there: Social Media and Parents. If you like what you see and find it useful share it with a parent peep you know…together we are capable of anything!

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