The Portable Lesson #1

As I prepare for my classroom’s journey as a 1:1 iPad classroom I find myself thinking very differently more frequently then usual.  Aside from trying to predict what it will be like to be a 1:1 iPad classroom (that is a whollllleeee other post for another day) I have began to think how I can integrate my own iPad use into my classroom more frequently.

How can I model technology use more?

How can I use my technology to enhance my instruction more?

How can I utilize my technology during my instruction to better support my students learning needs?

Suddenly it hit me today in the middle of one of my math lessons….

retaining instruction (even with notes) is difficult for my students

their mastery of a concept significantly increases when I pair homework with reinforcements/informational videos

my current method of making videos is too time consuming

I am already using educreations as the whiteboard on my iPad with Reflections to display notes during instruction

I also write math notes, model problems and give examples

Soooooo…. If I become more conscientious of my use of educreations app.  If I create a new slide instead of erasing the slide each time I start a new problem, all I would need to do is add my own narrations and I would have a video my students could watch at home. 

So today during my math lesson…I added a slide each time I gave my students new information, an example or a new problem, after class I added my own slides, I taped my narration to go with the information, I added a few questions at the end and I had a educreations video done in less the 10 minutes.  I also had video of that days of instruction for my students to watch with questions that I could assign for homework that night.  A video with questions at the end that will reinforce my instruction, keep them engaged and monitor comprehension of the concept right at their level.


and you had one incredibly excited teacher!!!!
*in case you are having trouble viewing the video CLICK’ here for the link 

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