Where the HECK has LV been?

Into our second week of the new year and you have seen no posts, no drawings, no New Years resolution… where the HECK has Laverne been.

Maybe she got trampled by that nasty flu virus going around…. no it wasn’t that.

Maybe her holidays were crazy busy and she didn’t have time to write… no it wasn’t that. (My holiday was absolutely fantastic, low key and uber relaxing!)

Maybe she simply has not been inspired to create… no it wasn’t that (I actually have inspiration coming out of my eyeballs!  Isn’t that fantastic!)

Maybe she decided to just boycott the whole New Years resolutions thing… nope! not that either (That resolutions thing…I have one already started and prepping to share it with you!!)

Ok, LV enough with the banter!  Get to the point!

2013 arrived. I read others lovely and inspiring posts with their one word, three words or moving resolution posts.  I began to wallowed for a while, not having enough time or energy to write a New Years resolution post when the year flipped into 2013.  I wanted to join the slew of other bloggers sharing theirs.  I wanted to link up and share mine with everyone else.  I wanted to read blogs, leave comments and ooze up all the love that comes from a great link up… but I couldn’t.

Most days (holiday breaks and work weeks alike) I am left with 2-3 hours of me time at the end of the day.  It is time that I cherish and hold sacred.  I used that time to write, draw and create.  The problem with 2-3 hours is that while to the average lay person that sounds like a vast amount of time, in the blogging/creative world that time goes by like the snap of your fingers.  That time also only leaves me to work on one thing at a time.  If I am working on an illustration, I can only work on that and not write a post too (or at least I have not learned to do both), if I’m writing a post I can only do that and not draw.  If I log into Twitter….well forget about it!  Nothing gets done, but the time I spend on their with friends is so wonderful!  So you get my point.

As the New Year rolled in and I wallowed in not being able to post I started to think about what I was doing during this time.  I was adding a tweek to a friends blog design which was the … OMGAWD that is it!!  Fantastic and I was redesigning Shirley’s  blog. As I reflect on what I spent my time doing,  I realized I was doing exactly what I would want to be doing.  I was working with two friends,  designing and beautifying their spaces and I was lucky enough to be part of their journeys… and I could not have thought of a better way to welcome in 2013!







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  1. I could’ve SWORN I commented on this yesterday, but apparently I forgot to hit post. Blame the Sudafed.

    Anywhoo, I LOVE that you’re using your newfound passion and talent in such a creative way!! There is so much awesome in following your dreams. Who knows—I may just be looking to you for advice on how to set up my shiny new WP blog next month!!!! XOXOXO
    Abby (@ThatGabbyAbby) recently posted..I’m Always A Little Late To Every PartyMy Profile

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