WHY NOT: The Story Behind my “Why Not” Sketchnote

Last month (July 11, 2016) was  International Edcamp Leader  day. Not only was I super excited to be part of this day, learn from and be inspired by local Illinois leaders but the organizers of the Edcamp thought it would be fun to have ignite speeches after our lunch.  I jumped at the chance to give an Ignite Speech (actually I squealed in happiness and then thought what the heck have I gotten myself into…eeekkk).  After a day or two of brainstorming I had my theme.  As I wrote the speech, I knew I wanted to use this opportunity to really push myself  as a creator and as a presenter… not only would I share a belief I am deeply passionate about, I would draw the entire ignite speech.

When the day came for International Edcamp Leader  (and the Ignite Speech), I was excited and ooo soooo nervous. After a morning of talking, learning and sharing I was inspired and in awww of the leaders that share their gifts and passion with teachers and students everyday. With lunch eaten it was time for the ignite speeches. Proud to have the opportunity to share my words and drawing with this incredible group I gave my ignite speech and holy wow…20 slides, 15 seconds each, automatic advance is no joke!!!

Sitting down as the Edcamp wrapped up, I shared out the image of the final slide of my ignite speech, the complete sketchnote from my “Why Not” ignite speech. Weeks later I was overwhelmed by the love it received (and still is) as it was shared out more times than I can even (or could ever) imagine on Twitter and Facebook.

Here are the words, my story, the inspiration behind my “Why Not” sketchnote….my “Why Not” Ignite Speech:


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