I Will Never Get Tired of Talking About It

He said, “I never get tired of talking about it. I could talk about it all the time.”

In that moment I couldn’t help but think…really?

Don’t get me wrong. I love LOVE talking about education, technology, student learning, pedagogy, educational philosophy and bettering my craft but how many times can you talk about one thing and still feel so incredibly fresh and passionate about it? During this entire and awesome journey I have been on there isn’t a topic that I talked about and still came to the same conclusion multiple times or a tool I couldn’t access via the internet or my PLN that I would want to talk about and share about reSketchnotes from Edcamp After Dark #ICE16peatedly over and over and over again with the same deep and inspiring passion this educator had.  

Fast forward to last month. I sat at my second  Snowcamp. A fantastic half day Edcamp style camp in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.  Allison gave us the pitch. The ins and outs and how tos of an Edcamp. Ideas were filling up the session grid.

“Are you going to pitch something?” Allison asked me.

I smiled, “Noooo, I like to see what others want to talk about and then follow their lead.” “Ok” she smiled back.

Sitting at a table I sipped the last of my coffee and looked at the grid trying to decide what my first session would be.

“Hi Carrie!” I turn to my right and see a familiar face.

“Oh hi!!! Oh my gawsh it is so great to see you!!!!” say excitedly back.

“How are you?”

“I’m great!”

“How are you?”

{insert small talk and catching up on things since last year}.

As we are chatting a friend of her looks up from her computer. “{Insert name I can’t remember…sighhh I’m so horrible with names} this is Carrie Baughcum. She does sketchnotes and draws. They are so neat”

She smiles and looks at me, “I wish I knew how to sketchnote. I’d love to learn someday.”

“I can show you how to sometime. Wait what am thinking?! Let’s get a session on the board! Let’s have a sketchnoting session! It will be great!”

Session after session came and went. We tSnowcamp 2016 Sketchnote Sessionalked educational philosophy and ideas, we shared technology tools and then came the Sketchnoting session. It was in that very session. In those moments of talking about the power of this amazing tool,   exchanging ideas for using it in the classroom and drawing! Yes we drew at an Edcamp. We drew and drew and drew all over a board what all of us had learned and discovered at this Edcamp. Suddenly, at this edcamp on sunny Saturday morning, in between giggles and smiles, fun and doodles I was filled with the the most powerful and overwhelming feeling of….happiness.

It was in that moment that I had found what I had been searching for. That thing….that thing you believe in so much. That thing you feel has so much amazing potential for students and teachers. That thing that you love so deeply. I found what I will never get tired of talking about…sketchnoting and doodling .

I knew in that instant, from that Edcamp forward I will always bring paper and pens and a roll of paper and markers with me. I will share, spread and draw my love of sketchnoting and doodling on worksheets and in books (when it is allowed of course). I will share the power it holds for teachers, classes and students and we will DRAW!

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  1. You are now part of my PLN! Love your sketchnoting, passion, and willingness to share! Thank you!

    1. I am so sorry I missed this comment Melody! I am so happy that my words, idea and story have connected with you. I am even more excited to be a part of your PLN!!!And your words….oh my heart!!!!

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