You’re Right

An hour into our 1000 mile road trip east, my husband is finally at ease on the road.  While the girls are busy playing with their surprises (a tradition of a new toy waiting for them on their car seats on the day of  a long trip) my husband and I start to chat and catch up.  We talk about all the things that I packed, him quizzing me from his personal list in his head.  Like it would make a difference if something were missing at this point in the trip.   We share the events of the week.  His work related, mine about the girls and getting ready for the trip.  We talk about what lies ahead on our trip.  The conversation changes to a discussion as we run out of things to tell each other about our weeks.

“You know sometimes I wish you would admit that I am right and just let me have that!” he grumpily ends the discussion.

I look at him, smile kindly and say, “You’re right.”

I open my book and begin to read.

The jets soar.  Each passing one leaves the girls covering their ears and our stomachs shaking from their powerful jet engines.  Biplanes zig, zag, twist and turn performing maneuvers that take your breath away and make you giggle in awed delight.  The Thunderbirds make their last fly by, telling us that the air show has come to an end.  We leave the grounds smiling and sharing with each other our favorite part of the show.

“You know what I’d love to do next year?”

“What?” my husband asks.

“Next year we should pack sandwiches and put together a cooler.  You know, bring an umbrella and a blanket.  Have a picnic and watch the planes! I really loved watching the planes.” I say hoping he will be pleased with my embrace of an activity he is so passionate about.

“Oh, I don’t knowwwwwwww.  I really just like the Thunderbirds.”

“It would be fu-un. Sandwiches, drinks, blanket with a big umbrella.  We could sit, eat and enjoy the air show.  I really loved watching the biplanes,” I respond to his whiny tone with the passion of a used car salesman trying to make a sale and give him the smile of a wife who is trying to get something.

“I don’t know.  It is so hot.  All we do is sweat.  It would be like 90 degrees, like today.  I really don’t think being here longer would be any fun.”

Like a child who’s discovered their favorite toy has been broken I lower my head and frown.

“You’re right,” I sweetly reply.

“How come every time you say that lately I get the feeling you really mean  ‘Whatever… you don’t know!’ or ‘OK dumbass’?” he inquires.

Looking over my shoulder from my spot in front of him I smile and say with a shoulder shrug, “I have no idea what you are talking about.”




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  1. I’ll have to remember your phrase. I tend to lean towards the ever-so-effective “Yes, dear.” It only took him 8 years to figure out the meaning behing THAT loaded phrase. LOL

  2. Awww… you both share such a strong chemistry. He can sniff you out without you saying it! So sweet, and I’m beginning to love reading you, Laverne 😉
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    1. Your comment made me laugh out loud (in a good way). I love that you took out this piece a feeling of chemistry between my husband and me. I like think we still have some! He is a smart and sassy one he is and I love giving it right back. I am so happy that you enjoy my writing. Your words mean so much to me! -LV
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    1. OOOHHHHH don’t get me wrong, I would love to be right now. As a matter of fact doing this to him completely took away any future pleasure we will get from actually really being right. It has however added an out when we are at an impasse. It is humorous how sometimes just being right just once (for real) is really nice to hear! -LV
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  3. I love this – first, I wish I would have thought about special surprises on the seat for my girls, we just got home from an 800 mile trip to Chicago – what a great idea!
    Second, if I tell my husband he’s right, he starts backtracking and admitting that he’s possibly wrong 🙂 I love to tell him he’s right just to see him retract ! Love your story!
    Brandy recently posted..What I’ll Miss, and What I won’tMy Profile

    1. Yes, the surprises work wonders. At least a bonus 2-3 hours of entertained child time. I love to see them retract too. Isn’t it wonderful to watch them squirm a bit…hehehehe! Thank you so much for visiting and commnenting!

    1. I could not agree more Jennifer, however my hubs is a stubborn one. This “You’re Right” phrase has added some needed lighten up humor to our life. He’s still not right but now he at least laughs about it instead of grumbling! Thank you so much for visiting and your kind words!

  4. You have described my household. I’ve told my husband that if he wants me to tell him he’s right, then he should try being right. He didn’t like that any better than he liked me just agreeing with him because I was tired of the conversation and wanted to move on. They are so picky!

    1. Oh Jacqueline I tried that with my husband too. It didn’t work!!! But as you have already learned the automatic agreeing works well too to move things along. Our “You’re Right” phrase has worked wonders since its creation. Adds humor and an “are you serious” break to conversations he get flustered in. I love it! Thank you so much for stopping by, reading and leaving a comment xoxo

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