Bright Ideas #4: Gamification…Here We Go!

A strong behavior modification system with consistent structure and positive reinforcement is just as important as the academics I teach in my class.  After 15 years of teaching I bring with me each year a seasoned behavior system that will meet all students learning and behavioral needs.  As the school year goes on I tweek, modify and add to the basic system to ensure that all my students individual needs are met and the very best is brought out of each of them.  This year in addition to my basic behavior system I brought back my token ecomony Baughcum Bucks.  Initially students were motivated by the positive reinforcement that receiving the bucks gave them.  They loved earning the bucks, counting them up, depositing them and using them to purchase prefered incentives.  By the beginning of the second quarter the fun, the motivation, the reinforcement behind the system began to fade. The connection between the bucks and the incentives were fading…even lost for some. The bucks simply were not working the way I needed them to any more.

It was time for a change.  

I began to think back to 5….10 years ago when I used to use whole class, team based behavior systems…the memory of paper die cuts covering my classroom wall made me smile.

Suddenly I was filled with inspiration…finally after so many forced attempts at trying to come up with just the right idea to gamify my classroom.  The reminder of a system I had used years and years ago made it all come together.

Starting Monday my students will enter the world of Mario (you have to say it with the accent) and Luigi.


Gamification: Super Mario Brothers | Heck Awesome Learning
Each of my periods has been assigned a character of the game to represent their team

Gamification: Super Mario Brothers WallGamification: Super Mario Brothers Rules | Heck Awesome Learning

Gamification: Super Mario Brothers Homework Dice | Heck Awesome Learning

Gamification: Super Mario Brothers Game Key | Heck Awesome Learning

Gamification: Super Mario Brothers Power Up | Heck Awesome Learning
Challenges are posted are at the beginning of each week
Gamification: Super Mario Brothers 1pt Slips | Heck Awesome Learning
1pt can be earned by students, individually, by using great student skills during class. 100pts earned= 1 star for the class

I am so excited to start it with them I could bust.  I can not wait for them to play and see it all come together!

In the words of Mario,

“Here we go!”

Be sure to check my  Twitter and Instagram accounts for updates on how they are doing!

BrightIdeas: Gamification Using  Super Mario Brothers

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  1. Can my daughter please be in your classroom? =D Seriously love this. Love your enthusiasm and how you meet kids where THEY are. You’re awesome.

    1. You are too kind Susan! I did show it to my daughters and they said the same thing and then begged me to share it with their teachers. I did tell them I could do a home version for them…think other moms would use it? Thank you for of your kind words and appreciation of my passion and the words I share XOXOXO

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